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Your thoughts on this tourney situation

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So I played in the Tuesday Derby tourney tonight. Ended up getting a respectable 7th. place ($200), but was still dissapointed and very pissed off about this particular situation:

7 players left. Blinds at 4000/2000. Folded to me in middle position. I go all-in for my last 12,000 with KQs. Folded to the BB who thinks for a minute... then he turns to the table and ASKS THEM "Hey guys, what should I DO????" Some dill in seat 8 says, "Dude, you should call him. He's the short stack, so take him out". So the moron says ok and calls my bet for must of his chips with 96s!! Ok so normally I wouldn't mind, since I'm a pretty big favorite here... until the flop comes 997. No help for me and I'm out in 7th.

Now I feel that the guy in seat 8 goaded him into calling. The fact that I lost sucks, but has nothing to do with my objection. I tell the dealer that he really needs to limit table talk, but he doesn't say anything. Then I ask the floor whos at the table, and he just hands me my money and says, don't worry about it. WTF??? If you're not in the hand, you need to shut the F*** up. What do you think??

-David "The Kid"
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Ive had some similar problems and it pisses me off. One situation i already wrote a post on and it was when i went all in at black sheep and had numerous people at the table announce what they thought i had. I had a better hand when the guy called but lost anyways and even though i was glad the guy was induced to call it still pissed me off that people were getting involved that had no business being involved.

Another situation i had the other night was at a home game where i went all in and was being sized up by the other guy who was thinking about calling. While he was staring me down and thinking about calling a girl next to me satrted talking about how serious i was and then she poked me. i totally lost it at that point and started laughing. The guy then immediately called and even said he was about to fold till this happened.

Maybe i was pissed off about this because i lost both hands but i have a firm belief that in no limit if anyone is all in the rest of the table who do not have hands need to shut the fuck up and stay out of the hand, PERIOD!
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agreed... but at least you got poked by some chick... was she hot?

but yeah, home games are a different story. a tournament in a casino should be ran professionally, bottom line.
AS you know, I was there as well, and we had a table talk problem at our table as well. The derby does little to enforce those kind of violations and it is tiring. I'd sure llike to see their "rules" and the stipulation on the one player to a hand rule.

Glad to hear you got into the money. You were looking pretty healthy when I left (as was Dino). I (obviously) didn't fare so well. AGter spewing chips in a cash game for about 15 minutes (I dropped a rack in the 4/8 game just about as fast as I could get them on the table), I didn;t have good feelings about stepping into a tourney.

We were deep into the third round and I was doing well to be around even (~1700 of a 1800 starting stack). My table had a couple of crazies, so one had to be real careful what they got involved with. This kid to my left was just storming the table and knocking off players left and right. We had one seat that had 3 people knocked out alone.

I managed to pick up a few small pots when my 66 hit a set on an ugly 567 board (had to play it strong so I didn't get much for it) and I was able to buy a pot (again small after having raised PF with A4 and missing the flop completely. After that I went into hiding (cards were sucky) and just waited for an opportunity. The crazy to my left was out having a smoke and the other maniacs had checked out so I was looking for a reason to drag a pot.

With the player behind me out, his cards were still getting dealt. AS I was mucking them at one time, the dealer said "You can take your choice of the 4 cards if you like" (of course joking) and there was a little bullshit chatter about that situation. ("You take your choice and pass them to me....blah, blah, blah" I look down and see QJs and make a point of announcing "I don't even need to look at THOSE cards with this hand" and shoved my ~1700 into a pot of 500. I figured I'd steel the limp and blinds. I'd played 2 hands in the whole tourney and there was enough respect on the table at this point that they wouldn't call that big a bet without premium cards. To my absolute horror I got 2 calls!. Reasonably solid dude 3 seats to my left shoved his ~1900 and then the next guy shoves his ~2400! Yikes, I am in serious trouble. Well my timing was not great. I'm up against AKs and QQ. Totally dominated. I flopped a J and picked up a flush draw on the turn, but it was not to be. Oh, well we still had 7 full tables and I wasn't going anywhere waiting for cards so I don't have a big problem with my mistimed move. (I wonder why Hagar rarely bluffs.....)

At least I wasn't the first BYOCer out. Worm got taken out by Dino in the second round when Worm's AK got denied by Dino's QQ. I guess Dino flopped a set, Worm turned a straight and then Dino hooked up his boat on the river.
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Ender, I am a stickler for if you are not in the hand then shut the hell up.

It is not fair to work a player or table if you have nothing at risk and especially if you have nothing at risk and money to gain like in a tournament and goating someone to take someone else out. Me and that fella would have to have a little chat outback about that one.

In our BYOC games, players are very respectfull of this exact situation and let the players in the hand play. At times there may be some whispers or overacting after a fold where the flop seems to reveal cards that some of the folders were holding.

Anything to suggest what you were holding in a hand that you are no longer involved in bothers me as well if I am still in the hand but you can't have everything.

Good job on getting into the money though.
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BYOCers are doing well at these Derby Tourneys. I made the final table at the Saturday tourney (75 people) and came in 9th on a great knock-out hand. Had to go all-in (K4o) with my last 2,000 with blinds at 2000/4000. Had 2 callers (A/10) and (K/K). Flop comes Q44 giving me the trips and the table goes nuts. Turn is a rag. River is you guessed it, the last King in the deck since someone folded one. Pocket Kings hits his one outer and beats my fours full with Kings full.

I did notice some chatter at the table when it came to some hands especially when someone mucked cards that hit the board. I also hate that and wish they would step-up with the rules.

Kid, I would have gone balistic with that guy egging the call on. I would have made more of a complaint to management.

Anyhow, good showing.
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I think you summed it up correctly there and should have had no issues (or at least I dont') when a player is getting other people on the table who are not in the hand to chime in with what they think. Simply lean over the table to them and say "are you in the hand? no. good, then SFTU, one player to a hand"

What's the worse that's going to happen? the loud mouth will go on tilt?

I think the way the floor handled that was pretty poor on top of it all.

Understand if you trippled up, this would be a different thread topic as well. But poker ettiquete says that you shut yur trap unless the action is to you and you have cards and chips.
Thanks for all the replies to this post.

I was pretty pissed all last night and still thinking about it this morning. Yes, in all honesty, I probably would never have written this post if I had won that hand (63% to 37% favorite preflop, from poker odds calculator), but the point is still out there: STFU if you're not in the hand. I personally feel that if this had been a more "professional" tournament with a tourney director, then I probably could have persuaded his hand to be dead, since he actually ASKED someone not in a hand what he should do... guess I should have made more of a big deal out of it, but oh well... still finished up ~$140 for the day, and I've had a good week at the NL game there. In the future if this happens to me anywhere, though, especially in a final table situation where other players can gain big money by goading someone into calling an all-in, then there's going to be both some choice words to those players and some serious talking to the floor manager BEFORE the hand is over. Talk to you guys later

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