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Wynn (10/14)

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I actually woke up before the alarm went off. Got nearly 6 hours of sleep but was still alittle punchy. Showered up , hit some breakfast, and then grabbed my stuff and checked out of my room. I didn't have to leave until about 2:00, so I checked my bag with the bell guys and headed over for one last fix.

Got seated immediately in a short game that quickly filled. On the other end of the table was that fool from yesterday. Ther were actually a couple other donaters there to go with 3 or 4 pretty solid players. I sat next to guy I had played with for a while yesterday, and we were talking about the session. He didn't seem to realize the the guy across the table was the same guy from yesterday and was very appreciative when I informed him who was gracing our table.

I was just kind of floatinf along taking in the action when my first bug hand came along. I was in the BB holding AJo. A guy a couple seats to my left raised it up and I decided to call. This guy was playing pretty carefully so I was little nervous calling his raise with something as weak a AJ. The flop brought an A - I decided to fire to find out where I was against him. The guy between us called and the raiser thought a moment and decided to give up on his hand. Must have been KK or QQ. I think the other caller called as well. I was liking how this was working out. The turn brought a pretty ugly middle card that put 3 to a straight on the board. I fired $60 and my neighbor decided to call. The turn brought a beautilful 3 and I was pretty confident that I had the goods. I fired enough to put him all-in. He grabbed his sloppy stack and hurried to get them in. I threw my AJ up reaching for the pot - nut his hand flipped open in slow motion and I just cringed - A3. OMG, not another session like this. Please let me have some fun on my last session here.

I peeled out another hundred to stack up to about $150. I watched the little fishy spread my chips around to everyone else, but couldn't get them directly from him. He ventually picked up a little handfull of chips and walked. I did mange to turn it around a little and did have a fun session. The local guy was telling me about every new player that came in the game. "That guy is an absolute rock - you can push him off hands, but if comes at you, get out of the way." "You can't buy that guy out of a pot." It was great having prefabbed reads on players before they sat down. It pays to get friendly with your local neighbor!

My favorite hand, probably of the trip came a little later. I opened with a raise from middle position with 88 and was called by a pretty solid guy in the BB. Flop came 8Jx. He checked to me and I made an appropriate bet. The turn brought another J. He checked, probably looking to trap me, but I reset the trap and checked through representing a busted AK or a scared over pair. the turn brought a K (which didn't thrill me - KJ would not have been an unusual holding for him) and he fired $30 at me. I thought a minute and raised him $60. I was happy when he didn't race his stack into the pot, but decided, after much thought, to call. He did have a J and my plan came together. It's so much fun when something actually works out.

The dealer who dealt me a couple of those hideuos beats yesterday came by and warned me that he would be in the box soon. I winked and told him that I'd try to away before his shift - "maybe you can hit a few other tables before you come and destroy my stack again."

I won a few more pots and was in a good groove when I had to get moving. I tried convining the dealer that they should load up the table and players and bring it to the airport for a few hours. I think she actually considerd it (for about 3 seconds). I was racking up and that dealer was just getting in the box. "Oh shit, I gotta go now" as he dealt me my last hand. It was caually a marginally playable hand and I looked up at him and said, "see, your'e just trying to get me in trouble". I threw a chip on the cards and mucked him a tip, racked out and left. It turned out to be a very fun session, and I really hated leaving. Actually ended up about $80 up for the short session.

Well, that's all I got on that trip. Very fun overall and I ended up cashing about enough to pay for my meals and shopping so it wqas virtually a free 2 days in Vegas. I don't even want to think about how much I spent in tips and rake (easily $400) so despite not overwhelming the local poker economy with my big Vegas hit, I consider the trip to be successful.

I did manage to drop $40 in a slot machine - maybe they'll hook me up with 4 nights next time!
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