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Despite being whooped when I went to my room, I wasn't really sleepy. I think the volumes of Red Bull that I was sucking down may have had something to do with that. I finally rolled in the rack at about 3:00 and promptly woke up at 7:00. Ugh. Couldn't get back to sleep so I showered up and got some breakfast.

I had noticed that the Wynn was running some big tournies and there was one scheduled for that day. It was a $300 + $30 buy-in which is more than I wanted to throw at a tourney, but I have to admit that I was seriously considereing it the night before. It was a nice long tourney structure (45 minute blinds and pretty mild blind/ante structures) and I'd love to start getting some of that kind of experience under my belt. Sincer I was up way earlier than I expected I went and signed up for a satelite for the tournies. $80, 10 players for 2 seats. (Horrid vig on that, but I finally decided that it was worht a shot.)

I was very happy with my play in the satelite - not one regert about any hand I played. Played aggressive when I did play and got a few breaks early on. We were down to ~8 handed and I raised it up preflop with AKs and got one caller. The flop came Q high, no spades. The caller checked and I shoved my ~800 (from a starting 1000) chips. He quickly called and I said "nice call". I looked at my cards as I was flipping them up and realized that I actually had AQ!. I felt like an idiot and everyone was confused why I had told him "nice call". I assured them that I wasn't playi8ng him or pulling any shit - I just thought I had a different hand. No big deal - I just felt like an ass! ("Wake up you moron!") The caller had JJ and my Q held up. At that point I was in 3rd to 5th place in stack size.

The only decision that I might have played differnt came an orbit or so later. I had T2 on the BB and actually got to see the flop (Not many limped flops.) THe flop came QTx and was checked around. Hmmm - maybe my crappy T is good. The turn is a rag and I fire 500 at a 500 pot. I was raised by a guy to my left who had been very aggressive and had shown a few bluffs down and had accumulated a huge stack. Normally this would have been an easy laydown, but I went into the tanke for a few minutes because of his advertising. If I had a better kicker, I probably would have called, but he could have easily had a much better hand than I. "I think I have the winner, but this isn't the hand I want to leave on." and folded. Don't know, never will. I can live with it, but it's the only "decision" I had the whole tourney.

A little bit later, I wake up with KK. The guy who called my AQ hand went all-in ahead of me. I had him covered and almost beat him to the pot with my stack. That got everyone behind me out, which proved to be a good thing. HE flipped up KQ and was just about seated in a cash game before the board was flipped up. Bad luck for him, but shit happens. turns out that the guy behind me had 44 and would have called if I hadn't shoved and he would have hit his set. Whew.

So we move along and eventually we're down to 4 players. 2 players have me and the other guy buried - they easily had twice our stacks (probably more) and me and the other guy were near even. I knew I had to make something happen - the big stacks were just gonna sit and watch until they had to do differently. I decided to move right into short handed aggressive mode. I wasn't gonna be a maniac, but I was gonna push anything that was reasoanble hard if nobody else spoke up first. Pretty quickly I got QT on the button. Seemed like an obvious blind stealing hand to me. First player folded and I shoved. SB bailed, but BB (the other short stack) paused for a moment and figured he had his "swan song" hand too. HE sighed and called and then flipped up AJ. Shit. "You weren't suppoesed to wake up with a hand! Nice hand." I actually got a great flop, but couldn't get the open ender to fill. He ahad a bit more than me, so I was gone. I was fine with it. I knew I would be a bit of a dog in the event, but I gave it my est and walked away feeling that I couldn't have done anything better.

I wandered over to the brush to get signed up for the 1/3 game, which they had just started right before my satelite got started. Some guy beat me to the podium by about 3 seconds (I may have actually been there first, but he got her attention) and got on the list before me. No worries, I ws second up. I wndered around a bit, did a little shopping. Came back to see the otehr guy seated. That 3 seconds turned out to be a big 3 seconds. I ended up waiting a couplke of hours more to get seated. Ugh. I wish I would have known - I would have gone up to my room and watched the board (they have a channel on the TV that displayes the poker lists!), but I just didn't figure that it be that long. It was nearly 1:00 before thay finally opened a second game.

Finally got seated and we started up. This should have been an ATM table for about 3 of us. Most of the table was so bad or green that a couple of us almost started drooling. But, the poker gods decided that this would be my poker day from hell. Went a little bit cold and got pretty unlcuky in a couple or critical pots and was stuck most of the afternoon. This one guy, a couple of seats to my right may have been playing poker for the first time in his life. It had to be his first NL game and he showed every sign of the bad 3/6 player there was. Calling down almost any bet with any pair, regardless of the board composition or who was betting. He called some hands down with A high. For a while he was hitting rediculous stuff, and wouldn't you know it that I got to be his fish food.

Hand from hell #1: I have QTo in late position. Flop came Q98. He opened for 2 or 3 chips and I raise him twice that (he could have easily had an 8x and opened - he could easily have had 33 and opened on that board!) He called. Turn was a blank. He checked to me and I bet the pot. He called. River is a T and I knew without doubt that he had a J. He opened for like 5 chips and due to his previous poor decisions on when to bet, I called (because I di have 2 pair now. He shows down J2. His only draw was that T. Nice 3 outer.

Hand from hell #2: I get 44 and limp (raising was not a tool to get this clown out of the hand and for the most part we didn't really want him out of the hand!)Flop came something like QJ9, 2 hearts. OK, I done with this hand. No action so I get to watch a 4 pop out on the river. Throw out a pot sized bet figuring to take it down and my new buddy come along. The river is a hideous T hearts. Gee, how many draws did that card fill? He reaches right into his stack and peeled 5 chips out to open. I pithc my hand face up in disgust. "Nice river" (Later, I thought this may have been a bad laydown - he could have easily had one pair or 2 pair, but all I saw was the big hands that card made. Steam fold!)

Hand from hell #3: Wake up with ATs in the BB. See my nut flush flop. Check hoping to get someone to bet their cheese. Nothing. Nobody would open. Turn pairs the K on the board. Hmmm, that should get somebody to bet their second pair. Checked around. OK, all I'm gonna get is the blinds. River is another K. Shit. It checked around yet again. I start to figure that my flush is gonna hold and then some new guy to the table flips up a J for the nut boat. He didn't even bet one chip. "New to the table, didn't know what was going on." Nice hand. (I gave the dealer a little good natured crap about the quality of his river cards.)

It was just one of those sessions. Every decision I made was wrong. Chase a flush or open ender and they wouldn't hit. Toss the draws away because they wouldn't be the nuts if they hit and they came and were plenty good. It was just one long grind. I finally got very lucky and doubled up when I got a late position flyer to come through. I had limped with T8. Flop brought K8x and I let it check around. No needs for heroics just yet. Turn brought another 8. Excellent. BB fires out and I raise him up. He thinks for a moment and fires back. Hmmmm. This guy was a little fishy, but not awful and had been running over the table for the first few hours. Pretty aggressive player. I thought about it for some time. He was BB and could have anything. I din't put himn on a pocket pair, since I belive he would have raised. I didn't hink he would play back at me with just another pair (he had a little respect for me) and I was left with the feeling that he had A8. But there was just enough chance that he was trying to push me around with his $1200 stack that I felt the need to call - let's see what happens. The river came through for me - T. He fired into me and I shoved my last $130 at him (about twice his bet). Hmmm "You have AQ?" (Would have been the nut straight.) "Sure" in absolute agreement with him. (Not really sure why I said that, but it just came out.)
He finally made the crying call and he had exactly A8. A very bad trun call on my part, but I was due for a little luck. About 5 minutes later I casehd out for $370 for a $70 profit on the session. What a grind that was.

I decided to take a couple hours for dinner before I hooked up with Sonny for our evening session. Went back to the cafe we had dinner the night before and treated myself to a very nice dinner out by the pool. Salad and steak and wiune and cheesecake. Boy did that hit the spot! (expecially since I hadn't eaten anyhitng since breakfast.) Very pleaseant quiet hour and a half out by the fancy scmancy pool. Great food, nice service, not redicuous prices. Probably the most I ever spent on myself for dinner (I'm a pretty cehap date!) and have to say that enjoyed every self-indulging moment of it.

Headed up to the room to wait for Sonny to send up the bat signal (OK he used his cell phone) that he was off work and ready to roll....(to be continued - time for bed...)
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