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WSOP Circuit Events

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Hi guys,

On Christmas Day, when you're all sitting down to a festive meal, I'd really be happy if you could spare me a few good thoughts.

I've been playing a lot at FullTilt Poker online lately and I recently entered one of their special $4 + .40 satellite tourneys. Placed first and won a token for an entry into a $24 + $2 tourney. Placed third in that one and won a seat in their $200 + $16 satellite for the first of the WSOP's Circuit Events to be held at Harrah's in Atlantic City on January 16. Winner of the satellite gets a fully paid entry at Atlantic City plus a couple grand for travel expenses. There's also cash prizes for the top 5 places.

The satellite starts at noon on Christmas Day. Heck of a time for a tournament, but they scheduled their tourneys for every Saturday; my win happened to put me in the Christmas one.

I'm nervous as a cat, so think good thoughts and I'd really be thrilled to represent BYOC at Harrah's. :lol:

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many, many good luck thoughts going out to you!! take it all the way and make us proud!!!


Go get 'em Shirley!

(I wish I had a good excuse like that to miss my normal Christmas routine!)
Thanks for good wishes. I'll do my best to get that ticket to Atlantic City.

Ok, now that I'm through steaming and sulking, NO, I didn't finish in the money. But I tried.

By the time registration was complete, there were 86 players and I didn't stay to find out who won.

Thanks your for good luck thoughts, and there'll be other tournaments.

By the way, any plans for something going on in January?

Sorry to hear it didn't work out. Always next time...

Yes there are plans........
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