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Hey all, this is a followup to a thread I started about flow rates a while back. I'm upgrading my plumbing and adding lines for a future bar in the basement cave and i've been puzzling over why my house seems to be deficient.

I did what I should have done weeks ago and got a pressure tester that hooks up to any 3/4" nozzle. I tested at the hose output closest to the main. I hooked it up to the hot water heater drain valve as well as the utility sink which is the lowest point in the house.

I'm getting just under 30psi at the hose and just a hair over 30psi at the utility sink. I went over to my neighbors hose and got the same result.

I'm looking to see where this nets out and what the optimal pressure should be for an average house. Do any of you know your house pressure?

Also, i've read a variety of opinions about the correct pipe diameter too. We have a 3/4" service that runs to the middle of the house and splits out to 1/2" to service the first floor sinks and bathtub/shower. A hot and cold 3/4" line runs to the second flood to service the shower. Thoughts on this setup?
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