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I just rolled home at 10:00 Friday night. The place I was posting from (more on that later) lost it's connection while I was trying to post the third installment of the Vegas tales. I'll finish up the story tommorrow....

It's tommorow.

We pick up the story on Monday morning. I woke a little earlier than I had hoped, so after a disapointing buffet at the Frontier (it's pretty hard to disapoint me at a buffet!), I decided to wander u p the strip a ways to do a little shopping, hoping to bea the heat. Too late. By 8:30 the heat was enough to be threatening. I survived the mile up and back dropped my new prizes off in my room and wndered back across the street to see how the early action was going.

Stepped up and got on the list for the only 1/3 game in progress. I was again able to scout the table I would be playing. It was a very aggressive table with lot's of action. If I had more realistic option of another game I probably would have moved on. BUt, here I was, and here I was gonna play.

I got seated just to the right of one of bigger aggressors which I didn't care for, but it's the seat that was available. The feature player of my story are:

Big Guy Aggressor (BGA) to my left. HE wasn't a maniac put when he bet he bet big. Didn't much care for the antics of Loverboy.

Hottie. Very attractive young lady who was working her charms to try to beguile all us drooling old men. SHe reminded me of the cutie from FArris Beullers Day Off, but with a very nice rack. Seated to BGA's left.

Brooklyn. A guy speaking the Queen's English but claimed to be from Brooklyn. He was one of the effective LAGs at my table Sunday night. He had a pretty decent stack size working.

Loverboy. A guy who had sat down just before mew and immediately began working the table with his flambouyant, cocky, jabbering. HE was hitting on Hottie real bad and claimed to be a lover, not a fighter. "I fall in love every day, then tommorow I start over." He was boasting about how he was a "professional" golfer, taking people for big money in SoCal. His cockiness was very annoying.

I know that proper strategy would have been to sit down with more than the minimum, but I just prefer to have less at risk and believe I'm a pretty decent short stack player, so I just bought in for the minimum.

My very first hand, I'm dealt KQo again. In midle position, I just check and it's raised to $9 by BAG. BRooklyn calls as do I and a couple other limoers. The flop came K33. Having seen BAG raise with much less, I fire at the pot. I don't have any chips yet so I tell the dealer:

"I'll bet the pot."
"It's not a pot limit game sir, how much do you want to bet?"
???? "The amount that is in the pot."
He starts trying to count the pot and sems confused so I say "OK, Just make the bet $50." Which was bout the size of the pot.

BAG calls as does Brooklyn. River brings a T. Not sure what in the world is going on (expected a riase from BAG on the flop and Brooklyn could have anything) and having only about $40 left I say "Nowhere to go but all-in." Both players call. Suddenly, this doesn't look so good. River was a blank and Brooklyn fires another $50 at the pot and BAG calls. Brooklyn had played his 93s from the BB for the small raise. BAG and I would have chopped.

I look at him with my "what in the fuck are you doing playing that shit on a raise" look (you all know that look) and he sayas something about hoping I'm not mad at him.

"Honestly, yeah I am a little. Well, actually, I'm not so much mad at you as I am at the poker gods right now for allowing you to hook that crap up."

"Fair enough, we've all been there...." and then he goes on to try to explain defend his play. BAG just stares him down and says "Good luck with that."

"Rebuy!" One hand, $100. I barely touched my chips. For a while I started getting good limpable hands that I either got off when raised, or missed the flop so I was bleeding a little. Then I ran cold for bit.

Ther was one prominent confrontation between Hottie and Loverboy. Hottie had raised and Loverboy was "kind enough" to give her some action. The flop came xxx. Loverboy says: "You want to check this down so weithe\r of us get hurt?" Hottie bet. Loverboy raised, "OK I gave you a chance sweetheart, now we going to battle. I tell you right now I have a set." Hottie called. Turn is an 8. Hottie checked and Loverboy raised Hottie all-in. She starts her little flirt routine, flips over KK and calls.

River is a blank and Loverboy flips over 88 and says "See, I told you I had a set."

BAG: "You didn't have it until the turn you fool."
"I knew it was coming." God that guy bugged me.

About 30 minutes into the round we got a new player:Cowboy. Cowboy is dressed for the part with his big hat, big buckle, boots, scarf and even big glasses with side panes like the ones Nicholson wore in his Casino owner role in Mars Attacks.

He's dealt a hand before he's even seated or has his $500 + chips out of the rack, There had been a raise and re-raise with several players invloved and all of a sudden this little old Cowboy bellows "COWBOY UP!" and puts his entire buy-in in the pot. The table goes silent and one by one everyone folds. He flips up A5s and justs starts laughing.

Loverboy starts giving him the "nice hand. well played, I'm gonna get my chips back and all the rest of them too before long" scold. Cowboy just gived him a "bring it on partner" wave and nod and begins stacking the chips.

Cowboy is an action guy and straddled from UTG everyhand. He was seated 2 to my right so I was able to react to his antics. I got a TT on his second straddle and decided to limop hoping to check raise hisa sure to come straddle raise. He didn't, so we were 5 handed to a KQx flop. There was action in front of me so I just threw it away and waited for another oportunity.

A few hands later, I got 99 in the SB. There were a few limpers and Cowboy threw out a raise to $12. I felt this was a clear raise/fold situation so I shoved my last $60 into the pot. To my horror BAG raises that $100 more before Cowboy could even ask "How much is that" with a smirk while pointing at my puny little stack. Well at least I got a little protection and the field folded to me and BAG.

"Thanks for the protection - I think." He flips up JJ and despite picking up 4 more outs on the turn when a straight draw emerged, I wasn't able to hookup -in fact he rivered a J so even if I had the hand that EVERYONE else at the table expected me to flip up, I still would have lost. ABout an hour, and $200 to the bad, I decide that there's a lot of time left and I'll take a break and come back in the afternoon.

I wandered aimlessly aroiund the Wynn, dropped a little in a slot and just got into a "I can't win" mood. There's little more depressing than to be wandering around a casino feeling you have no chance of winning anything. I went back across the street, had some lunch, read a little, took a shower hoping to get out of my funk.

Next: Cowboy Up!
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