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OK, I'm gonna do it. I'm going to do a road trip to Vegas for a few nights in July. It's gonna be a ride/Vegas trip so my itinerary won't fit most of your needs, but it'd be fun if some of us could hook up while I'm in town.

I'm going to ride there, taking 2 days to travel, stay 2 (maybe 3) nights in Vegas and return home (again taking 2 days to travel). Seeking cheapest hotel rates, I'm going midweek. (It's just not my style to glam it up - I'll be doing the budget thing as best as I can.)

My plan (rooms are booked):
- Leave Sunday July 10, spend Sunday night in Penamint Springs (just west of Death Valley)
- Mon. July 11, travel remainder of way to Vegas (~175 miles), staying at the Frontier hotel (across the street from the Wynn) , hit the tables
- Tues. July 12 - poker til I puke (or get tapped) spend night in Vegas
- Wed July 13 - if bankroll is still healthy, may stay a third night, otherwise begin trip home, stopping in Penamint Springs on the way home.

If you're interested in joining me for the ride, I'd suggest you make hotel accomdations immediately - I just got one of 2 available rooms for 7/10 at Penamint Springs.

Let me know if you're interested in hooking up while I'm there. I have no intention of dealing with the WSOP crowd at Fremont St (if that's still going on)- I'm planning to spend my time on the strip, hopefully mostly at the Wynn, based on previous reports on this place.
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