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Well, I did the best that I could with what I was given. Actually I was surprised that I lasted as long as I did. I played for 3 hours and watched 7 people get mowed down at my table which made me feel a little better about my short stay. I got short stacked in a hurry losing with my pocket J's and AK suited to the same girl who beat those hands with KT and QT.

She hit a K on the turn on one hand and a Q on the turn on the other hand. I raised her preflop both times and bet to get her out after the flop and she was going nowhere. She was a sales rep from the site and she was more interested in getting her pokimon radio and headset on the right channel. It was just unfortunate for me that when I had some cards and ahead, I was up against a calling station who just happened to hit and I didn't.

My only other two hands I volunteered to be involved in were BB with 92c which doubled me up when I hit two pair on the flop and went all in with my $375 and another BB hand of A9d where I hit a 9 on the flop (top pair) and pushed a guy out with a decent bet. All of my other hands were forced when I was getting eaten up by the blinds, 100/200, with my 275 and 375. I got lucky through the blinds several times with garbage. The player to my right was the chip leader and he leaned on me until I was gone as he should. I knew that whenever I come in I was going to be called so I needed atleast a decent hand but all I ever seen was garbage like T3, J2, 83, Q2, J4, 72 and just couldn't go in short stacked with those kind of hands.

My last hand was KT when I was on BB with $275. The blinds were 100/200 and I went all in. Unfortunately for me the tightest player at the table finally got a hand and went all in as well and ofcourse pokimon came in also with her AQ. I hit my T on the flop but nothing else and the A's held. When he came in I knew I was hosed. It was unfortunate timing and nothing you can do about that. It was not my time.

Anyway, I feel I played the best I could with what I had. It was a very aggressive table with a couple guys who were in the WSOP which was cool. One of them lasted 14 hours. He didn't last long when he went up against 8's with his T's and there was an 8 on the flop. What can you do?

I did see Gus Hansen and Sammy Farha a few tables away from me battling with some other players on a high stakes NL cash game. That was very cool. I was at a 2/4 game with my mom, breaking her into some live casino poker early that Saturday morning when I looked over and noticed Gus. I told my mom and then she went closer to check out the chip stacks and she came back and said "yeah, that's Gus but do you know who is at the other end?" and I said "no, who?" and she said "Sam Farha". I couldn't believe it and went and checked it out myself. I was satisfied at that point regardless of how my day went.

Also, we were at the Binion when the WSOP final table got started. We were watching down stairs on a big screen for awhile with the live action going on upstairs. That was cool.

Dan Harrington showed up also at the UPC tournament with one of his books but I was already into the tournament and was more worried about my survival so I didn't get a chance to get an autograph before he left.

Overall it was a great experience and I will do it again next year with more poker on the schedule. This year was a few hours of poker with a lot of family time which I enjoyed.
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