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Tuesday at the Limelight? 3 tables?

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Serious, standing room only last night at the LL with 3 tables and a waiting list 7 deep. Called ahead, got on a 3/6 table and did rather well.
HeatPackin and BW I don't think are too happy (we were at different tables) and he was not in the best of moods when we bounced out of there.

Sometimes the people on a 3/6 table have the mentality of a slot machine. Garbage in, garbage out.

They are talking about starting a 6/12 table. how soon is now? I'd love a good 6/12 game locally.
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Every time I go back to the lime light it gets more and more crowded. When I first started going they could barely fill the tourni up.. now they always have to do a draw. A 6/12 table would be nice though, it would clear out a lot of the "gamblers" as I like to call them. :lol:
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