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At some point in my life I am going to be very angry that I took the time to watch this show. It will probably come when I am on my deathbed and the last thought I will have is that if I hadn't WASTED an hour watching TILT then I would still have an hour to live. It may come when I am at the pearly gates and God is going over how I lived my life. "So it says here that you actually sat through "TILT"....I am sorry Mr. Morris.....we are going to have to ask you to leave."

What a peice of steamy doggie-doo that was!!!! Let's start with what one writer called "The Mod Squad" of poker. "Miami" (Julie) looked like a scanked out version of Taylor Dane with her only endearing quality being a great set of DSL's. "Eddie" (Pete), being the one that was touted as the "best young player" had to use his own name in the show...which just tells ya everything you need to know about his acting chops! He really should have stayed in daytime soaps. "Clark" (Linc Hayes) was barely believable as a black guy let alone a poker player. "The Matador" (Michael Madsen) REALLY needs to mix in a salad once in a while. LOL!! No amount of "layering" or leather jackets are going to hide the fact that you obviously eat more than you play poker.

Daniel "I love cock" Negreau's cameo at the craps table was the highlight for Annie....for whatever reason she likes the guy.

Hags tried to warn me about this show but I didn't remember until it was too late.

As you can tell I was not impressed by ESPN's poker offering. With the popularity of poker recently you would think they would have put a little more energy into a decent show.

This concludes the irrelevant ramblings of a mediocre poker player.....Daddy
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Daniel Negraneu likes cock?
anyobdy with a hairstyle like that....well......'nuff said
Yeah, good image for poker players:

The best 'player' in the show is a thug, a cheat and a pedophile.
pedophile?? where did that come from? did i miss something?
Daddy said:
pedophile?? where did that come from? did i miss something?
Appears that everyone is out to get Madsen based on their own history with him.

The blond (a 20 something) revealed her reason in a diner (and had several flashbacks to support this) When asked if the Madsen character recognized her, she replied 'I was 12'. In a flashback following this, Madsen was staring at her slack jawed and lustfully during a private introduction to him. 2+2=pedophile.
Is it 2 + 2 or 1 into 12?
WOW!! I did miss something!!
I am sorry Mr. Morris.....we are going to have to ask you to leave
Hey, at least it won't be the first time you hear it.....
G least i will be somewhat prepared!! LOL!!
There is a TILT Discussion board if you guys are interested in taking up discussions about the show.

Visit and get the topics rolling.
Daddy, you didn't want Madsen to toss a salad, did you?
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