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Yesterday at lunch, my boss leans over and says, "Well, looks like you're all done here. Your last day on the project is Friday." Somewhat short notice, but it made my wife happy when I called and told her.

So...I'm throwing the remaining items I have in the Mustang, picking the wife up at the airport, and moving back to Texas after 18 months in the Sacramento (metro), Rancho Cordova (work location), and Folsom (home location) areas.

On the way home, I'm spending Friday night/Saturday morning in Vegas and then it's low-flying-plane time to get home by Sunday night.

It's been a fun ride and I appreciate y'all letting me throw some chips around...I think after all is said and done, I ended up being down $125 over the five events that I attended.

I get to spend six weeks working in Austin, then I'll be commuting weekly to Atlanta until January. After that, they think they'll have more permanent (5+ years, anyway) work for me in Austin.

The Texas Chapter of BYOC will be open for business once the table arrives. One of the key "features" of the new house is that I bought is my next door neighbor. On the night we checked out the house with our realtor, he was setting up a poker table in his garage for his regular game. 8)
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