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Thanksgiving weekend?

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Are there enough people gonna be in town and available on the Friday or Saturday ofter Turkey day to pull off another big one. I'll put it together if there's interest.

Might try an early starter with less aggressive blinds.

If you're interested/available indicate Fri (11/25) or Sat(11/26) preference....
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Annie and I will be in Fort Bragg that weekend.....thanks though!!
I would be interested if I am back in town by that Saturday.
I doubt we could get a big one going with family obligations, etc. with most of the people. We will be luck to get 2 tables. However, a 1-table cash game might be doable. I am available.
Should be in town. Would vote for a larger tourney (larger being 2 tables and higher buyin), less agressive blind schedule, higher buyin and not as flat of a payout structure.
We should be in town as well. Saturday night only.

Both Saturday or Friday would work for me.....

I agree with Quads on the tourney format. Looking forward to doing it again.

Friday or Saturday works well!! :) Cool!
I will most likely be in town that weekend as well.
Seeing as we have only 8 or 9 with explicit interest for this weekend, I'm thinking a cash game would be more successful than trying for a tourney.

Maybe a $100-$200 buy-in, 1/2 game is in order?
Yeah, it is probably too optimistic to try to do a 20-person tourney for TG weekend. I will play as long as you don't try to feed me leftover turkeys.
scratch me off the list.
i'm done with poker for a while.
Oh boy, I hear a great story behind that statement. Who wants the over/under I see him at the Wynn next weekend?
Story? I thought what happens in Vegas, etc. etc. etc.
We'll see if I'm around, but that time of year is usually rather busy with family-related stuff... but send me an evite

BigKahuna said:
Oh boy, I hear a great story behind that statement. Who wants the over/under I see him at the Wynn next weekend?
I absolutely, 100% guarantee you will not see me at the Wynn next weekend. I'll wager any amount of money on this, and I'll back anyones odds at any ratio to the second power.

This offer is good through the end of the year (2005) and is applicable to ANY Vegas casino, not just the Wynn.
Them's fightin' words.

Seriously, hope you expel any demons over the next 2 months that soured your gaming experience. Look forward to seeing you in January.

Does this mean you want to change to a NO response for my mixed game next weekend?
Yes... I'll go update my evite. Thanks for reminding me.
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