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Sunday, Noon for 10 thousand

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Well, I saw the other WSOP posts, thought I throw my hat in the ring. Several card rooms "down yonder" my way have daily tournies that, if you win, qualifies you for a seat in a 40-winner tourney for a 10K seat at the WS. So, this Sunday, the 40 previous daily tourney winners will be getting together at Mike's card room in Oakdale (pronounced with a nice western twang) to send one of us to vegas. It's basically a 40-person, $250 free roll ($250 X 40). I've made final table 5 out of my last 6 tourneys, so I'm feelin' good about my chances.. We'll see. I'd be happy to get down to 2 or 3 and chop for 3 or 5 thousand.

Good luck to all the WSOPers.

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I have the Finals at the Lucky Derby WSOP tourney this Sunday at noon. I'll be competing against 19 other Finalists for one seat to the WSOP. Wish me luck!

Goo Luuu... If I can, I plan on coming over to watch the action.
I'll be there WORM with our club colors. Kick ass buddy.
Good luck WORM!!!! I think you'll do it........I tried several days against those know how they play...
Thanks Fellas! I'll give it my all and let the chips fall where they may!

I just hope they ALL fall right in front of me!!!!

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