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STILL FOR SALE: my Hold 'Em table

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I know you're tired of hearing about it, but I gotta keep plugging it especially since I thought it was sold about 3 different times in the last week...

I had a few guys interested in the table but nobody came through. I even considered letting somebody beat me up on the price, but then decided to hold firm at $250. I'm totally convinced it's a great deal at that price. You'd have to do a really good job of shopping around to build one of equal quality for less than that, and you'd have to do an outstanding job putting it together to build one equally well.

Excellent condition...Like new and no damage...High quality materials...Clean and tight (meaning there's no seams, everything tucked and pulled nice and tight, no wrinkles in the staple job)...Built on a heavy duty base so it's very sturdy

If you were to build an identical table now, here's what I think it'd cost you ('cuz I just priced it out today)...

$44 velveteen tabletop fabric
$37 marine vinyl for rail
$52 closed cell foam for tabletop
$16 foam for rail
$35 folding table base
$55 plywood
$10 spray adhesive
$10 misc staples, screws, hooks

$259 TOTAL
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Can you please post a pic of your table or e-mail me some pics. I have not yet played at a BYOC event so I do not know what this table looks like.

Can you please post a pic of your table or e-mail me some pics. I have not yet played at a BYOC event so I do not know what this table looks like.
Hey Boogy...Check out this link...

That is Jasen's (a.k.a. "Quads") web site. I got the plans for my table from him. The table on that web page is the one he built for himself, but I followed his plans and he helped me build mine.

Mine looks exactly the same as his, except for colors. My tabletop is dark blue and the rail is black. I store mine at a friends house (because he has room on his garage wall and I don't), so it's not handy for me to take pictures of and I don't have a digital camera to begin with. Anybody here could tell you it's in excellent shape though.

I am getting ready to leave for a fishing trip tomorrow. I'll be back next week on Tuesday. If you might actually be interested in buying the table, send me an email and next week when I get back I will borrow a digital camera and stop by my buddies house to get some pics for you. (Either that or you'd be welcome to stop by and check it out sometime in person. We're all in Carmichael.)

You can reach me about it at : [email protected]

-- Mike
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Boogy -

I think Doc's table is in the first picture in the "Gallery" from the home page. Mine has the green top/brown rail, Doc's has the blue top/black rail.

They're both built based on the PCPotato model. Unless the colors are a problem for you, he's right - you can't hardly build it for less.

These tables are great! 6 of us in the group have them and a couple others are planning on building them as well.
Thanks for recognizing that, Hags.

Boogy...These links are both decent pictures of my table... ... 07_01.html ... 07_10.html
The table is SOLD!!!

Thank goodness for that, but BIG THANKS to Worm (aka Justin) for being the buyer. I think I may also owe a BIG THANKS to Big Kahuna for helping convince his brother to take it off my hands.

I hope that means JD will be hosting soon. I'll look forward to playing on my old table at his place sometime.

Doc & Daddy will soon have some new threads for throwin' cards on! Outstanding!!!

I will definitely start hosting tournaments in November. Thanks for your patience DOC. It boiled down to realistically NOT having the time to get the materials to build my own. I like the idea of a "turn-key" solution as you put it. Plug and play baby!

So there it is, I look forward to adopting your table and will take good care of it.



"Can't win, what you don't put in the middle."
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Excellent. We just happen to have next weekend open for hosting.......
NOOOO :evil:
Thats my table. I'll give you $500 out the door. J/K
Anyway, I'm glad you finally got your sale. Congratulations to the new owner. Now all I need is someone to help me build one.
Wow...2 weeks of no takers and now all of a sudden people are fighting for it...Cool!!! :)

Anyway...Boogy...I'm sure that Quads here will be more than happy to help you. Building poker tables is his own personal little passion.

Send him an email. If you've got somebody like him to help you with the labor, the next hardest thing becomes shopping around to find the stuff.
Hagar: I would host next weekend, but I'm going to be in the Bay Area for my nephew's 1st birthday. I'll start cranking it up in Nov.

Boogy: Sorry dude. Like Doc said, Quads will hook you up. I was going to go that route to begin with, but I honestly don't have that much time to gather the materials, etc. I'm sure you're table will turn out great.

Doc: Thanks again! Remember who had your back, when you're betting into me! :D

Is this true Quads? I know they kinda put you on the spot here but since we have not really met each other yet, I will fully understand if you are hesitant in doing so. But If it is a go, will a six pack of Keystone Light and a pack of Virginia Slims cover the labor costs? J/k but seriously, if you are interested drop me an email with the details.
There's probably plenty of folks who'd be willing to help you if Quads doesn't have the time, myself included. Quads is the expert, but we can get it done.
I am the so called "expert" and I'm happy to work out the details with you. Send me an email and we'll figure out what you need and where I come in. quads @ pcpotato . com
Thanks Quad. You Da man. I just sent you an email, but if for some reason you didn't get it, my email is alymars @ comcast . net
Quads instructions are the best I have seen on the net...I built mine using his site and instruction. Total cost about $200 and total time about 8 hours total..thanks again Quads..

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