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For the experienced card room there a standard color throughout card rooms for $1, $2, $5, and $10 chips?

If not, can someone comment on what colors the Derby or Cache Creek or even the Bellagio uses for these types of denominations?

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I might have found the answer for this but if someone can confirm.

Standard poker chip colors and denominations normally are:

white = $1
red = $5
blue = $10
green = $20
black = $100

If that is the case, I will just assign a different color for $2 chips

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I think your standards (with Dodger's $25 correction) are correct for the "real" casinos (Vegas and Reno etc), but the local places all have different colors.

I think perhaps white chips have been phased out come to think of it, because I think the $1 chips were maybe yellow up in Reno a few month's back (I know they weren't white).

DJ's uses yellow $1, and I think some green or brown chips for $5
The Derby uses yellow for $1, orange for $2, pink for $3 and brown for $5
Rancho's uses blue for $1, red for $5
Cache Creek uses yellow for $1, red for $5, green for $25
Commerce (In LA) uses a blue chip for $1

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Thanks for the breakdown Hags. Very thorough. Here is one official list I found. I think I will try and stick close to this when I buy new chips.

White, $1
Yellow, $2
Red, $5
Blue, $10
Grey, $20
Green, $25
Orange, $50
Black, $100
Pink, $250
Purple, $500
Burgundy, $1000
Light Blue, $2000
Brown, $5000

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Looks like you already got your answer but just as an FYI, the Creek uses:
Never had the luxury of cashing out anything higher than $500 chips so this is as high as I can tell you.

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As far as I know only Atlantic City casinos use standard colors for chips (see below):

Q: AC1 What is the difference between craps in Atlantic City and other places? (3/99)

A: AC1 The New Jersey Casino Control Commission heavily regulates casinos to make things consistent among the properties. Because of CCC regulations:
- There is no 'Big 6/8' bet. Any bet on the 6 or 8 (except line bets) must be place bets.
- Put bets are not allowed. Most dealers don't even know what a put bet is.
- Chips are standard colors and size for all casinos:
$1 White
$2.50 Pink - used for BJ, not actively at dice
$5 Red
$10 Blue - commemorative chips
$20 Yellow - used for Baccarat & Pai Gow Poker, not actively at dice
$25 Green
$100 Black
$500 Purple
$1,000 Orange - oversized
$5,000 Gray - oversized
$10,000 Numbered plaque - never(?) used at craps table
Unlike in Vegas, there are no special oversized chips from the Baccarat tables; one size fits all.

The $5, $25, $100 and $500 chips in Las Vegas are the same colors as AC. I can't say about anything higher than $500 since I never held any, but my best guess the Vegas $1000 is yellow and $5000 is brown (chocolate chip). Most California card clubs use blue for $1 (some use gray) and I think most Vegas casinos use white for $1. A lot of Cal clubs use white (oversized) for $100. Many Cal clubs use green for $2 and yellow for $5. Due to the limited amount of casinos I played in Vegas I haven't seen $2 chips used. I have seen $10 chips in Commerce Casino in L.A. which is orange. Bellagio also uses $10 but I don't remember what color they were.

Anyway, look for my comments in the other topic under BK's "1000 chips and casino style case for sale!!!"

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Derby colors

Just a correction on the color of Derby's chips:

$.50 - Green w/ orange stripes
$1 - Orange w/ yellow stripes
$2 - Pink w/ black stripes
$3 - Blue w/ brown stripes
no $4 chips
$5 - Brown w/ black stripes
$20 - Gray w/ colored stripes
$100 - White w/ colored stripes

Odd colors, but Derby never was a normal card room.

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Hagar said:
DJ's uses yellow $1, and I think some green or brown chips for $5
DJ's may have different colors at different times...I've got a light blue chip from there that was used for $1 on the three separate occasions last year that I played.
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