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Hello, is a unique company as it is the only place to "Sport Up" your Man Cave window blinds at an affordable price.

We started in our own basement because we could not find a blind to cover our sliding glass door in our Man Cave or as we call it "The Eagles Nest" that matched our Philadelphia Eagles Decor, (see picture below of our Eagles Nest all "Sported Up").

Once we perfected a process to allow as much of a seamless image on a closed blind yet still be functional it simply blossomed from there, all my family and friends wanted one, then thier friends had to have one too. is a service for cave dwellers and business people alike!
We will purchase and custom size a vertical or mini blind, purchase an officially licensed NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA COLLEGE TEAM Logo's, and with a specialized honed technique, cut the logo and apply it to the blind of your choice so that the logo appears as a seamless image as possible yet still allow the blind to function normally.

We also do business logo's on blinds too!

Visit our website at for more details or
E-mail us at [email protected] you can also pick up the phone and give us a call at 717-799-8187 with questions.

Scroll down for some pictures of what we do. The 1st one is of our own "Sported Up" Eagles Nest.

Thank you for visiting us in our forum at the Perfect Man Cave!


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Damn, nifty. Might talk the wifey into getting some done for the boys' rooms.

Can I ask if you can print on dark blinds, too? I'm assuming the decals are on white backgrounds anyway and either have or don't have a border to them.
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