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i love the lines in this wood. i am making a 60" octagon with cupholders in each corner. routered chip rails in front of each player. haven't decided colors of speed cloth/vinyl yet. will have a padded rail and pedestal base. what do you think? i am going to varnish the rail without stain as maple takes stain so poorly and i want to show all the character of the wood i can.

first board before routering the chip rails

setting router before making passes

after twin rails in place

with corner insert and cupholder

another view of corner

first is the end of the routered chip rails

then the rails laid out in sets of four

then the inner rails both sets

then all eight of them

then the inserts between the chiprails(where the cupholders will be

then the insert with two chip rails

then the chipbay

then two chip bays

chipbay with cupholders ready to be installed

then dual chip bays with cupholders ready to be installed

inner rail closeup

rear of rail and inserts

roughly assembled rails/inserts

and finally a few cupholders ready for installation on the chip rail

i have outlined earlier my method of putting cupholders in the table surface. just as a review, i template the hole with the octagon components first...then make the hole 1/8" larger and drill three holes and sabre saw out the bulk of the material...then put the template in place and touter it out in two stages. the bit is a 1/2" top flush trim double fluted bit that is 1" long on the cutting surface. i cut down about 1" and then remove the template and use the hole already made as the interim template and finish the job. very round without irregularities.

i purchased a zeroing gauge for my table saw. makes setting the angle for the cuts on this pedestal a breeze. decided to use lightly spalted maple to make an 8" octagon pedestal for this table. it will fit nicely and not detract from the sureface. the only drawback is that i will be making the legs for the pedestal and they will be rather plain(i claw/lions feet)...bummer

i finally was able to get some time to do the final sanding and glue up of the octogon components. it went together nicely and thought i'd show you a couple pix of the chip rail/black aluminum cupholders and platinum speedcloth. not shown is the whisper vinyl padded rail. will make the "l" shaped rail to run within about 3/4" of the outermost chip rail and down the entire outside(2 1/2") to cover the entire platform/chiprail sides. more pix to follow later this week as i will be in the shop weds/thurs.

a bit more work on the table

today i glued up the pedestal and the wood that will become the legs and the end caps for the pedestals. also did the rough assembly of my "l" padded rail framework. have yet to final cut that and assemble into the octagon shape.

top cap glue up

bottom cap glue up. the piece of wood wasn't wide enough so used an old trick to make it wider

end and side shots of glued up pedestal

finally the rough sections of padded rail frame glued and screwed together. final cuts sometime soon.

more of the rough stock before cutting into legs

laying out legs

bottom pedestal cap before final layout...trace around the pedestal.

then i use a carpenters pencil on the bottom to line up on the pedestal tracing and then draw a new line for the oversizing.

flip the pedestal over(make sure you label top/bottom so your caps line up when you have them cut). as you can see i use the metal rule to make the top cap more oversized to it can be easily screwed to the subplatform support.

after trimming off the excess on the top/bottom caps...put them on to see if they fit...sanding to come later when shop buddies get there.

time to make the subplatoform support...i use the cutoffs from the subplatform....two of them make a nice support

after cutting it down to size i then check fit to the pedestal top cap

i then take the two halves and biscuit cut two biscuits on the top/bottom and then glue and clamp it together....makes for a subplatform support that is 1 1/2" thick and gives mega support to the subplatform/table.

imagine if you a will a boy(almost 19 y/o son 6'5" and 300 lbs) and his pug frank sanding the legs/pedestal/top cap/bottom cap while i go on to describe the padded rail construction for the octagon....

the "l" shaped rail i constructed yesterday is now to be fit to the top and chip rail. just cut at 22.5 degrees and make miter joints. i then biscuit the top plate at each miter and wood screw the side plate after gluing the joint. makes for a custom fit not needing to be screwed down after upholstery and no less than appealing edge banding. also is more comfortable to belly up to the table!

iso of the screw placements

closeup of padded rail screw/miter

completed wood assembly for padded rail

now after all the sanding is the pedestal with legs/top cap/bottom cap. keep in mind more sanding to go but wanted to see what it looked like

now with the subplatform support in place

now the underside of the subplatform support with the rest of the pedestal

and the shop buddies who helped out today..

work done today:

drilled and mounted the top/bottom caps for pedestals. also final sanding pedestal and caps. mounted by glueing and screwing the subplatform support. also drilled the legs to attach to the pedestal.

first trace the outline of the pedestal on the cap after centering it.

then remove the pedestal and take a piece of wood the same thickness as the pedestal walls and put it inside the lines you just drew.

after you have defined the pedestal onto the cap then mark each center and drill through the end cap and then set it over the pedestal on the previously drawn lines and drill down through the cap into the pedestal walls. then countersink the holes and put in screws. repeat the process with the other end cap.

then after mounting the subplatform support with glue and screws(i use 2 1/2" plated screws to ensure a good bond) you will center the mounted upper pedestal end cap and then drill hole/countersink them and then put them in(use the same 2 1/2" screws here).

the pedestal/end caps attached to the subplatform support:

close up of this

another closeup

i like to make all legs with holes drilled in exactly the same place for mounting the hanger bolts. i saw a jig something like this somewhere and made it quick to use on the first three pedestals i have made. it wolks fine in this application. you will notice the holes are slightly offset. this cuts down the risk of splitting your leg through the two holes imo.

first the end view

second a side shot

inside of jig

finally, the holes on the pedestal side of the leg

now it's time to assemble the pedestal. i use 3/8" hanger bolts. you saw that on the previous post. here is a pix of the inside of the pedestal with all the legs installed:

then more pix of the mounted pedestal. note the spacing of the bottom cap in relation to the bottom of the legs. i find this spacing optimal.

finally the table is flipped upright and shows the subplatform and pedestal

side shot of the assembled pedestal/subplatformsupport/subplatform

and finally....the chip rail ready for its first coat of varnish!!

now have second coat of varnish on the chip rail and pedestal/subplatform. i will show a pix before varnish and comparison after varnish.

ok...before finish applied to subplatorm and pedestal/legs:

after semi-gloss poly(minwax)...three full strength coats and two hand wiped at 50:50 with mineral spirits:

couple more of the chip rail with the same amount of finish:

after this last coat dries i will apply the foam and speedcloth then screw the chip rail to the subplatform. place the black aluminum cupholders.

then fit and glue the rail foam to the padded rail structure. then upholster the rail with black whisper vinyl. then it will be done!!!

the varnishing is done!

first a pix of the felt and foam on subplatform without chip rail in place:

then a smattering of varied pix:

final pix of the spalted table after i got it home. i have also included some pix of quilted maple octagon i did two years ago. finally done with this project and thinking about the next table. i need a customer to let me build a nice routered chip rail 10 person oval out of quartersawn sycamore. this wood looks like snakeskin and is wild looking.


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thanks..I am just moving some of my table posts over here in preparation for the mancave site.

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sunsetpizza said:
Looks awesome- I'd been waiting to see how the rail looked. Terrific.....
thanks man

the wood was so incredible it made my efforts look much better than they were.

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JbaIV said:
Looks good. That wood turned out great!
How do people like the chip rails?
Ive never played on a table with them and i am a little sceptical of them...
they loved it! all used them. Some also used the chip bays to stack the chips(later in the tourney when the numbers were whittled down. I may have a couple orders to build similar tables.
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