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SOrry Quads...Not a big fan of the new forum look

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Let me preface this by saying Quads has done an outstanding job with the BYOC website and Forum and I appreciate all the hard work of providing this free resource.

My gripe is the useability of this new interface. It is not as click through friendly and is a bit harder to read with messages not as distinct from each other, the new message signal of red has given way to a hard to see beige, and going back to the main index of forum groups was non existent.

Maybe the bugs still need to be worked out but I wanted to give a quick opinion.
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Sorry man have to agree with BK it is a little busy
I didn't have any problems getting around the new format, but I've used formats similar to it before so it was already familiar. For me, an occasional change is refreshing.

Thanks for hosting this...
For the public record, I didn't care for the newer design either. Thanks for changing it back. I was getting a headache.....
Perhaps I should have sent out something indicating that I was going to move to that and note that it needed some work to it with the logo, etc. There are a few things that the new skin offered as far as functionalty and features that perhpas we'll try for a later date.

back to business as usual.
That is what I had figured but just in case I decided to chime in. I would be happy to be a test subject when you want to test the new look and functionality before you go live with it. I am all for change as well as long as it is change for the better.
Ma, he's doin' it agian! :lol:

(I keep thinking I got lost when I get here!)
Tell ya what. I'll leave it like is was, and add the mod to allow each user to change the skin to their viewing preference.
As an update, the MOD has been installed to use ANY SKIN you wish. So, some people like the green one, while others like the others.

To change your skin preference, go to your Profile and find "Board Style:" under the drop down select your choice / preference. The green one we have been using is called FI Apple Green. There are several others in there to choose from.
Nice....I like this blue one much better. Good job Quads!.....especially with the ability to pick your skin.

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