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Solo Outing to Lucky Chances Casino in Colma, CA (SF)

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This past Saturday, I had to be down in San Francisco for a buddy's bachelor party. I crashed on another buddy's couch, hoping to check out the Lucky Chances Casino in South SF (actually Colma). I've seen it host some fairly big WPT events on TV before.
Although mildly hung over, I made it over there about 11:00 am Sunday morning. The area was crappy, and so was the casino in my opinion.
There was a lack of parking and the directions on the website were clearly WRONG. The building was large (probably 60-70 tables). I tried a 6-12 holdem game. The people were not friendly. Didn't try the food, but it looked pretty nasty.

Despite coming out a small winner, I didn't like the vibe from the place at all. I don't plan on going back anytime soon. :evil:
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Colma: more dead people than live ones there because of all the cemetaries.

As far as LC is concerned, the place offers 3-6 to 20-40 in hold em and they also have 100 buy in NL with blinds 1-1-2 with a bring in of 4 and sometimes a NL of 10-10-20 blinds. They have low limit 7CS and Omaha also.
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