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Sandia Casino, Albuquerque New Mexico

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I've been meaning to post this for some time. (or at least since I've been back)

Sandia Casino, Albuquerque New Mexico

When I was down visiting family in Alb, I looked up which card rooms were in the area for the potential of possibly taking in some cards while I was out of town and checking out the local action.

I found the Sandia Casino. The Wifey and I decided to stop by three and check it out while doing some last minute Christmas shopping and at least grab a cocktail and relax for a few. Upon entry, the place is clean, big and full of slot machines. We bellied up to the bar and ordered some hydraulic pudding and relaxed for a bit. One interesting thing that we found was that at this casino, they allow you to drink, however ONLY in the bar area. You can not take you drink down to the blackjack, roulette, craps, etc. table. They will serve you pop and what ever down at the tables, but no booze / beer.

We walked around the casino and checked out the games, played a few hands of blackjack and a few black / red bets of roulette and tripled up on what we just spent for lunch and drinks in the bar. I wanted to see the poker room so we walked over there. I was surprised when we went in there. It was wide open, very clean, 15 or 18 tables or so, looked like it was well run and maintained. They ran a lot of different games there which I liked as well. You could take you pick from anything between $1-5 7CS, (Hi/Lo or Straight Hi) to Hold’em at $4/8 ½ kill, 10/20 ½ kill, 20/40 ½ kill to Pot Limit Hold’em (with a Min/Max buy in of $300) all the way to a 1/2 full kill Omaha game. They also had a variety of tourneys that they ran on a weekly basis. My mouth was watering by the time we walked out of there and the Wifey was thirsty again for another 16 oz. Hydraulic pudding. We went back into the bar area and got another cocktail and plunked down for a bit more.

Mid way through that drink, the Wifey tells me to give her $20 bucks and she’ll find a slot machine and I can go play some cards in their poker room. I whipped out a twenskie faster than a sailor at a whore house on nickel night, kissed her on the forehead and told her... “Gooo Luuuu”

Lickidey Split, No Shit I was seated at the $300 Pot Limit game with my mack on. Livin’ lovin’, lovin’, livin’. It was Christmas, I had my Wife with me in New Mexico, we are visiting family, I got a touch of a buzz, and my wife just told me to go play poker.
I am in a good groove and I’ve been playing now for what seems to be about an hour or so, doing pretty nice in my chips stack (about $550 or so) and I get up to have a smoke. I LOVE POT LIMIT! All the cards are hitting me, I’m getting people to follow my raises preflop, all the way to the river and show down with the nuts. Or, let them limp in with a second best hand to the turn, where the pot is a decent size, make a sizeable bet, and get them out. Fantastic game. A few locals, a lot of out of towners, doing the same thing I was. Although they allow smoking in the poker room, I still don’t care for smoking at a table with a bunch of people, so I get up, tell the dealer I’m stepping away for a smoke, and figure I’d burn a smoke or two while I wander around the casino and see where / what slot machine my Wifey found to entertain her for the time I’m playing cards.

I light up my smoke and start walking. Thinking about my game and collecting my thoughts. Walking, walking, walking, etc., all the while I’m getting closer to “DING DING DING DING” and whistles, and hollering. I’m thinking, “hey cool, someone hit a jackpot, I’ll go over and see who the lucky person is” . I walk a little further, turn the corner to go down a bank of slot machines and I see my wife... ECSTATIC!!!! :p :p :p Jumping up and down, clapping, getting hugs from people, congratulations, etc. See sees me and immediately runs over. I’m expecting her to tell me that the person NEXT to her hit the jackpot, but she doesn’t. She comes over and high fives me saying she loves slot machines. Now keep in mind, this is a woman who has a tollorance for a slot machine for about 30 minutes or so. I asked her what the hell happened? She tells me she put her twenty dolla bill in there, had a smoke and just kept hitting the “Bet Max” button. She’d win a little and loose a little, and then all of a sudden she said the machine started ringing and all the lights went off flashing, etc. etc.. She didn’t know what the hell was going on until she looked at the reels and it was Diamond / Diamond / Diamond! It was a nickel machine and she hit it for 60,000 coins which was $3,000 bucks in cash!!!! CHACHING!!!!! Trip to see the family and all the Christmas goodies.... just paid for. They brought her a wad of cash and counted out Franklins!!!

The woman that was counting out the cash said she forgot the form for her to fill out and that she would go get and it and come back. The Wifey said she needed to use the ladies room first. This woman told her to come to the cage and fill out the form. She agreed, and we walked away with her cash. I told her I was going to back to the table to get my chips and I would cash out and meet her out front.

I made a bee line to the table, scooped up my chips and bolted to the cashier in the poker room and headed out the front door.
Another high five on the way out to the car... livin’ lovin’ lovin’ livin’.

Christmas Day Eve... Dec 25th 7PM.
What the hell is there to do?
Headed back to Sandia, solo this time, the entire family was either asleep or fast on their way to sleeping after Christmas dinner and the Shrek 2 DVD in the player on the big screen. I tell the Wifey I’m heading back to the Pot Limit Table and roll over there. 10 or so minute wait to get on the table and was in my groove again, hitting hands and building great pots. Flopped a set, bet it, bet it bet it and get two or three to follow along with two pair. Turned a full house and had a guy betting into me which gave me reason to be curious, so I called him, not putting him on a full house, he turns over an ace noting his two pair.... I flip over my kings full and he goes on major tilt. He and I tangled in a few pots and his chip stack just kept getting smaller and smaller. I sat down in that session with the standard buy in of 300 and left at about 11:30 or so, cashing out for $720.

Not many places play pot limit around here and I wish there were more. I’m tamped to see how a pot limit game would go in our group. You get to see a lot of flops for free, nobody can muscle a pot around preflop unless there are early raises and reraises and they are late position, and you really have to think about your draw strategy and how you play you big hands. Did I mention I love pot limit?

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Glad you hit a good run.

I'd still oppose a pot limit game - it really slows things down, but glad you enjoyed it.
With a dedicated dealer AND everyone at the table knowing what pot limit is, they move along at a decent pace. I would be hesitant to try it in our group with the general population. Versus more the hard cores who perhaps have played PL before.
Versus more the hard cores who perhaps have played PL before.
And just how many do you believe that to be? I played around with it on-line for play money a couple of times. Maybe once in a PL tourney again on-line. I'd doubt that many (if any) besides yourself has played it for real money before.
I figure we could round up a table of people who understand PL.
SJ, Me, Heat, Don (PP), Dodger, You, a few others.

I think it's more so just undersanding the concept and what you can / can't bet.

I don't know, I may be wrong though.
What is the big deal about pot limit? Wouldn;t you say it is a mixture of limit and hold'em with a cap of pot size bet at any time? It is basically a limit strategy pre-turn and a no-limit strategy on the last 2 streets if the pot is big enough to push around. I think it plays more like limit than no-limit but I would be up for a try.

Let me know if there are any other rules I am missing for it.
That's pretty much it.

You capitalize being on the button in pot limit. Every caller up to you is part of the pot. So if UTG calls, and everyone else does, it's a 250 pot when it comes to you for action. (in a family pot situation based on our 10/25 blind structure) Sandia if I remember correctly was 5/2 for the blinds. The difference is that leading out, you can't pump a pot for 75 or a 100 unless it's been called in front of you.

I think it's a great game. Not only based on my report from Sandia, but other times as well. I'd love to try it in our games given the opportunity.
I would definitely play. Count me in.
This is a little late but I happened to play at Sandia Casino back in 1995. My wife and I visited our friends who were living Albuquerque at the time for the annual Balloon Festival. I think I won about $250 in the $3/$6 or $4/$8 HE game there.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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