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I still have some games left for the Sacramento RiverCats. Great seats! Section 114, Row 10, Seats 9 and 10.

Here's a link, so you can see the view:

Here are the games left. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in purchasing any of them. $34 total for both seats (yes...that's the face value of the tickets) :)

You can leave me a message here or directly at [email protected]


River Cats 2005

  • Day Date Opponent Time
    Wednesday 4/13 Tacoma 7:05p
    Saturday 4/23 Las Vegas 7:05p
    Monday 4/25 Las Vegas 7:05p
    Thursday 4/28 Tuscon 7:05p
    Tuesday 5/10 Oklahoma 7:05p
    Thursday 5/12 Oklahoma 7:05p
    Monday 5/16 New Orleans 7:05p
    Friday 5/27 Salt Lake 7:05p
    Thursday 6/2 Tacoma 7:05p
    Wednesday 6/15 Las Vegas 12:15p
    Friday 6/17 Colorado Springs 7:05p
    Monday 6/27 Portland 7:05p
    Saturday 7/2 Salt Lake 7:05p
    Thursday 7/14 Colorado Springs 7:05p
    Saturday 7/16 Colorado Springs 7:05p
    Friday 7/22 Tuscon 7:05p
    Wednesday 8/10 Round Rock 12:15p
    Monday 8/29 Fresno 7:05p
    Wednesday 8/31 Fresno 7:05p

    Team Affiliations:
    Albuquerque- Florida Marlins Colorado- Colorado Rockies
    Fresno- San Francisco Giants Las Vegas- L.A. Dodgers
    New Orleans- Washington Nationals
    Portland- San Diego Padres Round Rock- Houston Astros
    Salt Lake- Anaheim Angels Tacoma- Seattle Mariners Tuscon- Arizona Diamondbacks
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