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Hi everybody!

Quick rundown - my vacation to view the last space shuttle launch was planned around the original launch date of June 28th. Since then it has been bumped to July 8th. I'm still trying to decide if I want to make a second trip from Ohio to Florida just for the launch and if I want to fly or drive.

The major deciding factor (besides money) is whether or not I get a decent spot to see the launch. Of course the best spot would be the Nasa causeway which is a straight shot across a few miles of water.

This is where you all come in - in order to get tickets, you have to win the chance to purchase them in a lottery system. I'm asking the forum to register for the lottery (you are not required to buy if you win the lottery). We can then all compare notes as to who got the best seats and as I only want two tickets and six per purchase are available, we might be able to do a small get together at Nasa if others are interested.

Registration page is here.

Let me know if anyone else is interested.

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