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Reno rooms

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Robert Hood mentioned something about this in another topic, and I think he's right...Looks like the $68 internet rate for the Eldo for Oct 29-30 has sold out. If you don't have reservations already, they're now giving the standard $90 rate. So if you're shit outta luck (like me :cry: ), then I guess we ought to all find our own Plan "B"...

The coordinated hotel efforts didn't seem to be going too well anyway. I suppose that when the time comes we could get a list of names and cell phone numbers for everybody who's gonna be there and just try to hook up.

Well, Hagar...Despite all my pissing and moaning about staying at the Eldo instead of Circus, I suppose we missed the boat. I should have said something sooner about making a reservation. Sorry, Bud. My bad. :oops: Guess we need to figure out what our Plan "B" is.

Hey, Terminatrix...Did you and Tricky already get a room???
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Well, my $68 is non-refundable, so I hope you guys aren't having 2nd thoughts... :)
Nope - we're just all bunking with you! :D
No second thoughts, Hood...We're just gonna get creative to save a few bucks, that's all.
Nope - we didn't book our room ye, either. D'oh!
Heh, looks like I'll be alone at the ElDo. :)

I hear from Doc (I think it was Doc) that the ElDo's card room is non-smoking from 10am to 2am. It's one of the reasons I decided to go ahead & go to Reno. I'll be sticking to non-smoking cardrooms. Anyone else concerned w/ smoke or am I the only non-smoker?
Hey Hood...Hagar and I will probably be right next door at Fitzgeralds...

Yes the Eldo poker room is non-smoking during those hours, and I'll be right there with you. I have a problem with the smoke too. The one exception I might make is to wander down to the Cal-Neva at some point (or maybe a couple of points). I wanna try the poker room there. I have always thought that the Cal-Neva game was tighter than some others, and Dodger confirmed that for me while I was talking with him the other day. I think I'd like the Cal-Neva game better, but it's an old fogey game and I think it's probably pretty smokey in there. I might just have to suck it up (no pun intended :wink: ) and give it a shot down there too though.
PS...I got an email from Alexis today. She and T2 are still planning to be at the Eldo also, even with the higher rate. They may be there for Sat nite only though.
Well, even though I can't go, I thought I'd try and help y'all out with hotels...

Whipping out my copy of Travelaxe ( pops out the following hotels downtown for less than $100/night:

Wish I could join y'all...but I just went to Reno last weekend...and stayed at the Golden Phoenix...and played at Cal-Neva...
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Given those choices and rates, I feel pretty good about staying at Fitz's with Hags.
Reno Trip is sneaking up on us....

In case you've missed the other threads on this, here's the scoop....

Several of us BYOCers are planning to head up to Reno on the same weekend. We'll likely be in several different hotels and as far as I know, there's no "official" group thing planned - we'll just be up there and probably try to hook up in some capacity. It's basically gonna be a poker orgy, at least for me. No shows, no BJ (or the other house-weighted gaming opportunitites), no nudie-bars, no golf. Poker, buffet, poker, buffet, poker, buffet, poker, a few minutes of sleep and maybe even a showere or 2 then back to the poker/buffet routine. If I run into a tournament opportunity, I might get involved. That's MY plan anyway. (Hopefully, I won't have to mix any visits to the ATM into that agenda. :wink: )

So, what I would like to know, is at this time, who is planning on going up, where are you staying and for how long?

Doc has backed out due to some unexpected resource diversion requirements, so as of right now, I'll be staying at Fitzgerald's, alone. Am considering taking on a roomie, but really don't care one way or the other.

I'll be heading up Friday after work and planning to stay until sometime Sunday. What time I head for home just depends on what's going on, how my BR is doing and how late I was up the night before. But I expect I better be home in time to hand out candy to all the little beggers that roam around incognito on Oct 31 if I know what's good for me......
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unexpected resource diversion requirements
Nice...I'll remember that one...

You know what they say about a boat? It's hole in the water surrounded by fiberglass into which you pour money.

I'll be leaving Friday after work & returning Sunday whenever I get around to it. I plan to stick to the non-smoking card rooms, but other than that I figure I'll decide what to do when I am ready to do it.

I'm staying at the Eldorado.
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