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Rancho's Club

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Just a quick update as to the status of Rancho's Club - 2740 Mills Park Dr. - 916-361-9186 Tables: 5 - Poker.

Although this place is still in a bit of a rough area of Rancho, they have done a few things to improve the place inside. New felt on the tables, paint on the walls, lights, etc. From the last time I was in there, it has improved 100%. They still draw in the same calibar of player as does Rancho Beligaio (Don Juan) but if you are in the area, they do offer 3/6, Lowball (my favorite) and Omaha with enough people. I doubled up when I went in the other day with a 60 buy in.

They opem at 1PM in the afternoon, so don't make it a lunch hour thing unless you do lunch from 1 to 4 like some people do.

Star Rating (all things considered and for what is offered in Sacramento) 2.5 stars out of 5.
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More recent update -- They've expanded into the building next door, new paint on walls, new flooring, adding a bar (and dance floor?), installing televisions, etc.

They will be running two rooms of poker...and some pai gow, if anyone's interested in that...
Rancho Club New Employee

Hi all!

Bedrock started work today in the cash cage at the Rancho Club.

The expansions are almost done. They will be running 3/6, 4/8 tables regularly. No Bust Blackjack and I believe some Pai-Gow Poker.

There is a tournament on Saturdays and 4/8 H/L Omaha on Sundays with 9's and lower. (I don't like that!)
They have been having difficulties in getting there Low Ball games going but will have it with enough players.

They also now have Bonuses for Royal Flushes, and Daily High Hands.
I'm sure you can get more information from Ron, stop by and say hi! ;)
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