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Wow Quads! That's too bad! All I could say is a Clintonesque, "Ah feel yer pain!"

If it makes you feel better, I will share some bad beat stories with you. My intention is not to one up you (and I don't think I could do that anyway on your hand.) Firstly, I have played probably over 2000 hours of casino poker I have never been on either end of the bad beat jackpot, or even share a part of the jackpot when someone on the table won. Although I have 4 hands that could have qualified, there wasn't a BB jackpot for the game I was playing.

Hands 1 I had Aces full and lost to quads 5's at Commerce Casino (L.A.) in a 10-20 HE game where they have BBJ up to 5-10 limit but not 10-20 (they pay any aces full beaten by 4 of a kind at that time).

Hand 2 is similar: Aces full beaten by quads (I believe it was 5's also) at the 3-6 game at Silver Fox on Stockton Blvd. Again, no BBJ.

Hand 3 was also at the 10-20 at Commerce: I was in the middle position with 66 and limped and the button raised. Only the BB and I called. Flop comes 668. BB checked. I checked my quads. Button checked also. Turn: 8, BB checked again, I bet button called. BB folded. River: 2, I bet . Button raised. I 3-bet, Button 4-bet (of course, heads up there is no limit on the raises). I just called the his bet, knowing full well I was beaten (If the river came a big card he would've gotten maybe one more raise from me.) Sure enough, he had 88. I shook it off and won about $150 for that session. Thice, no BBJ.

Hand 4 was at the Silver Fox 3-6 about 4 or 5 years ago (and this is probably the best hand I have played so far in my life): I had 33 in the middle position in an unraised pot. I believe the flop came down something like 5d-3s-2s and I think 3 or 4 players called 1 bet each. Turn was the case 3 and the BB (who is a decent player, and BTW I saw him playing in the 10-10-20 NL game at Lucky Chances in Colma a few months ago when I played 9-18 over there) bet, I raised with quads and 2 other players dropped. BB repops and I made it 4 bets. River was 5s and BB came out with a bet. Given the amount of action we both put in on the turn and the manner he put in the bet. Again, like Hand 3 I had a feeling I was the silver medalist (I figured him for quad 5's). So I JUST CALLED and flipped over my hand, which stunned the other players at the table. Well, BB didn't have 55 but had 6s4s for a straight flush so it was the same difference. The rest of the table still couldn't believe why I didn't go to a raising war at the river with quads and that hand was talked about for the rest of the session. I guess the consolation is that I loss the minimum on the river. Although in theory I could've saved 6 chips by mucking my quads, although how many of you would have the guts to do that? Just my luck, no BBJ.

Well, Quads, I have never lost more than $1100 on a session of poker so I really feel sorry for you, especially you were almost guarantee to win quite a bit of money on your quad K's after the flop. If you were in a pot limit game I would serious consider there was some collusion because of the action of the SB with such a strong board (i.e. he was in cohoots with the BB to jack up the pot so the pot limit bets can get bigger) but since it is a NL game you could bet whatever you like so it is less likely. There is a possibility you got cold-decked but you will never know in this case.

I am eager to hear the rest of your Vegas saga and hopefully you came out pretty even for the trip.

Better luck this Sat. Except when I am in the hand with you, of course.
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