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Quads in Vegas Pt. 1

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While I'm in the process of writing my complete trip report, I will shoot this out as a little teaser.

Saturday Night: Belagio
No Limit Table
Min $500 Buy In
$10/$20 blinds.
Sitting to the right of a solid player who has played in the show several times and who took 4 of them. Mr. Dan Harrington.

We were both on the table for about 4 hours. We were upstairs (there is the main room, and a smaller area up a couple of stairs) that ended up getting roped off due ot the number of people coming up and standing around the table, asking for autographs, etc. (SJ had the same issue the night before while at the Mirage on a table with Phil Ivey and Gus Hansen) After another hour or so of play, I get up to go to the bathroom and when I'm on my way back I see Dan walking out of the room. I ask him where he is going. He says he is going to grab a bite to eat. I jokingly tell him he can't leave. I just got on a rush of cards that he needs to be there for, specifically with his chip stack. He asks if I'm hungry. Faster than Superman folds on laundry day, I tell him, I'm starving and that I'd buy him breakfast in the cafe. I go back to the table and have the dealer put a reserve button on my seat, grab my backpack and head over to the cafe.

So, long story short, we end up having a bite and shoot the shit for about 45 minutes over breakfast. While there, I remember I have a copy of Card Player Magazine in my backpack, which Dan is on the cover of. I pull it out and ask him if he'll do me a cheesy favor and sign it for me.

I'll post a better picture of this when I get home and find my nice digital camera.
For now,

Here is the larger / better quality picture of PP Mag

The inscription reads: "Quads, thanks for the lessons. See you on the river. Dan Harrington"

One of the coolest things I've ever experienced (so far) in my life. (next to, of course, my wife)

Surprisingly, he and I talked very little about poker while eating. More just talk about life, people, places and experiences.

We walked back to the poker room and sat down. He sat for about another orbit and picked up his chips and took off. While shaking my hand and leaving the table, says to me "it was a pleasure to play with you, Quads" and the table was in absolute awwwww. Me, being the cool kinda cat that I am, play it off and look around the table with the look of "that's right ....beoootch, that's my boy right there...." on my silent face.

Had two or three guys on tilt that kept feeding pots with two pair while I was making straights and flushes. God I love that place....
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..."it was a pleasure to playing with you"....
Obviously, he didn't get to know you very well.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Very cool.
I frickin' love it!!! That's a vegas story. Hope to hear more when I pick up my table.

I think Justin called you about this but Justin also was on the plane ride back from Vegas with Eric Siedel and got his hancock on an ace of spades. Says he was also really cool and down to earth.

Gotta love the good guys in poker!
NICE! That will be sweet in a frame on the wall.
That would be another that person that would be a joy to sit with at a poker table.
BYOCers rubbin' shoulders with the cream - ya gotta love it!
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