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Professional poker players in Sacramento?

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Does anyone personally know a professional poker who lives in the Sacramento area? I'm looking for someone willing to be interviewed for an article I'm working on.
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OK...No jokes about anybody in BYOC being a good subject for this interview (although it is tempting...)

As a matter of fact, I think there is a guy in Davis. I believe his first name is Mike. I'm sure somebody here will know who I'm talking about, but after I post this I'll try and look him up on the internet.

He can be found in the final WSOP standings this year 'cuz I think he finished near the top 10. He's been playing in the WSOP for a number of years.

Like I said...I'll go try and find his name, unless somebody hear throws it out first...
It's Mike McClain. He finished 9th at WSOP this year and won $470K. To be best of my knowledge, he lives in Davis. Beats me though how you'd find out and get in touch with him...
There's also a guy named David Pincus (?) who finished third in one of the lower-limit events. Don't either of these guys have a brother-in-law registered on BYOC?
Boy...If I knew either of them, I'd be getting lessons and I'd hope to be a little more feared on the BYOC circuit... :)

There must be some kind of organization that guys like that all belong to and who could communicate a message to them on your behalf. I just don't know what that group might be...
You might want to try the two plus two forum or forum and post that you are trying to find comtact info for them.
There is one guy named JC Tran whom I have played with at Capitol Casino. I think he has placed in WSOP and some other tournaments.

Pros in Sacto

ACE is correct JC Tran has played in WSOP events and even made the final table and finished 8th in event #2 and 7th in event #18 this year. I have also seen his name in finishes in other tourneys. Friend was disappointed when he made the final table this year because he is going to play in the WSOP next year if he can win an entry. If he cannot he said he will be paying to play in 2006 and wanted to be the first one from Sacramento to make a final table. When he told me this I just had to laugh and tell him that JC beat him to that honor. Well good luck with the story and take care.
Mike McClain may be your best bet since he was at the final table of the big one this year and appears to be the most experienced from the area
hmmm... ran across this to validate whats already been stated:
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