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As most of you know pokerstars is flooding the wsop with players this year. Today i played in a fpp tourny(frequent player points) and qualified for round 2. First and Second place of round 2 get seats to wsop.

PokerStars Tournament #6883262, No Limit Hold'em
Freeroll Super Satellite
62 players
Target Tournament #6883189
9 tickets to the target tournament

Tournament started - 2005/04/15 - 07:00:00 (ET)

Dear Party Kid,

You finished the tournament in 1st place.
You qualified to play in Tournament #6883189 and are automatically registered
for it.
See Tournament #6883189 Lobby for further details.

Thank you for participating.

I played in this tourny at 4 in the morning. The crazy thing is the top 9 qualified for round 2 and because it was 4 a.m. only 62 people registered. It only took about 90 min to get the field narrowed down to 15 players but then it took over an hour to knock down 6 more players. I dont think i have ever seen a tourny get so tight. When there is no difference between 9th place and first place it really changes how people play. So far there are 142 people registered for the next round and i am assuming that will increase to at least 300+. Wish me luck
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