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I come across great poker quotes every so often, obviuosly there are many from movies, etc. I thought I'd start this thread with one that I heard a few nights ago on Law and Order.

If you watch L&O: Brisco and Green are at their desks in the station. Closing their day at the office, Brisco was continueing to work, a little ticked off at Green, (you know, the drama and all of the case they were working) Green took out his wallet, took some cash out of it, stuck it in his shirt pocket, put his wallet back in his pants pocket. Brisco looks over at him in frustration and says "Don't draw to any inside straights"
End of scene. End of eppisode. Great closing.

I'm just waiting for my Wife (as I'm walking out the door for poker night) to throw that one out at me. She knows how I love to draw to quadrouple gutshot straights.

Share any you like, love or hate!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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