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ring.... ring.....

"What up Quads?"
"Just kicking"
"Is there a game at yur place tonight?"
"No, not enough people to round out a table"
"*beep*.... that sucks..."
"Yeah, no doubt"
"Let's roll to Vegas on the 8PM flight, back tomorrow at noon"
"Yeah, that $8/16 game at the Belagio is soft and that 10/20 NL game is even better. Fur trapping at the Palms with the 2/5 NL table there... money. We build some scratch on the 8/16 and then round out that NL table for a few more hours"
"....ahhh...... Alright, bet. Meet me at the bar in the Airport at 7"

Tilt log to follow.

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I'm the one guilty of sending Quads the late afternoon message on Friday. Got a call from 2 of my college buds who proposed the crazy scheme. I cruised out of my office party about 4:30 in my work suit, picked up Quads in Folsom, and hauled ass to the Sac Airport.
We got into Vegas around 9:30 and headed straight for the Palms. My buddies grabbed some dinner while Quads and I tried to get on the 2/5 NL table. Wait was over an hour, so we rolled over to the Mirage (You can't waste an hour when you're only in Vegas for 12 hours!)
Played 6/12 at the Mirage for about 3 hours. Game was totally beatable, but i was getting crap cards.
Around 1am i start getting calls from my buddies who had been hooked up with a VIP skybox at "Rain", a club in the Palms. Quads and I rolled over there for a few hours, although we decided not to subject the clubgoers to our dance floor skills.
Around 6am we rolled over to the Bellagio for some breakfast and then a few hours at the 2/5 NL game, $200 min/max buyin. My table had tons of action. Folks were shoving in $100 to $400 preflop! I didn't catch too many cards and cashed out about $170, so about $30 down. I think Quads was doing well for a while and then dropped a few big pots that brought him down to the felt.
About 9:30 am Saturday morning we got to the airport in Vegas, for a grand total of exactly 12 hours in Vegas (with 0 hours of sleep in 36 hours!)
I ended up down about $150 for the trip, but it was tons of fun. Props to Quads for "sacking up" and buying a ticket to Vegas on only a few hours notice. Way to be spontaneous man!

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I know, I kinda suck about putting a trip report together for the trip that Heat and I took down there. I'be been tossing around the last card room I visited in New Mexico where I made a killing on a Pot Limit table.

There was nothing extravegant abvout this trip other than playign some good cards all night long, getting shithouse drunk in the water booth of the Palms making our way to the ballet store prior to hitting the airport again. For some foggy reason I want to say that we went back to the tables inbetween the dollar store and the airport.

It was more a trip for party / solical than it was to round tables.

Oh, but now that I think of it, I did sit and talk to Freddy Deeb for a while and a few others that were in town for the 5 diamond tourney series. TONS of pro's in town and got to run elbows with them. Saw Harrington as well. He actually remembered me from that last time I was there on the NL table with him.

I'll put something together on my trip to Sandia Casino next.
Pot Limit is now my favorite game of all time.
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