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poker book question

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Sometime relatively recently I was sitting at a table with some other fellow BYOC'er who said he liked a particular poker book because it covered betting theory better than many of the other books out there.

Can't remember who I was talking too though or who the author might be. I wanna say it was one of the Phil's (Gordon or Ivey...if either of them even have any books).

Ring any bells with anybody? What's that book?
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I don't know about the specific discussion you're talking about or exactly what you mean by "betting theory" but here's my advice regarding poker study tools......

If you're looking for general poker theory, then Sklansky is the guy you want. Theory of Poker (TOP) is THE book regarding poker theory. His books on Hold'em are also pretty good. His writing style is not real "warm" (feels like a textbook), but the info is top notch. While I believe that his info is very effective, I think it's critical that you keep in mind that most of his advice is targeted towards much bigger games then you and I are likely to be in any time soon (if ever). Trying to follow his advice too strictly in the lower limit games will prove to be very frustrating. But, I think that TOP is absolute critical reading (and re-reading) to get yourself a fundamental understanding of several critical poker concepts. Once you understand the fundamentals, you can tailor the advice for the game you're playing in.

One thing you'll want to consider if you're going to go down the road of getting yourself book learned on poker, is that you want o make sure you "study" the right game. If you're looking to get into the low limit games, I'd advise that you read the Lee Jones book and perhaps the relatively new book by Ed Miller/Mason Malmuth/(some other 2 Plus 2 authority) . (Sorry -don't have the books in front of me at this moment.) These books came highly recommended and I agree that they are probably the best books for low limit hold 'em success.

But, if you're trying to hone your no-limit skills, you'll need a couple different books. Yes, the difference between limit and NL play is quite a bit different and using a strategy from one game in the other can proove to be disasterous. I'd recommend Brunson's Super System and a newer book by Cloutier/Mcavoy(sp?) for some solid NL advice. While I'm not crazy about Brunsosn's hand selection ideas (I think you have to have Dolly's "third eye" to play the hands he does, the way he does), but I really like the attititude he projects when talking about his game. That alone is worth the cost of the book. The Cloutier/Mcavoy book seems to be a bit more practical to me. I would NOT recommend the Sklansky NL Tournament book. I found it to be pretty much useless. I also do NOT recommend Helmuth's book(s).
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I think I probably agree with most of your book selection, Hags.

I do have HEP and TOP by Sklansky and have read them. I've read HEP a couple of times, but have never felt so inspired as to go get the Advanced book. I know that one is a tough read and I just haven't felt yet like getting into it. I've only read TOP once, and probably should again, but just haven't made time.

What I really was looking for was to find the name of whatever particular book I was talking about with whoever it was on whatever night I'm remembering. :? I just know that it was something relatively new and one that I hadn't seen yet. I just can't remember who I was sitting with that night.

It might be the 2+2 book that came out this year that I'm thinking of...Small Stakes Hold'Em. It might have been BK who I was talking to and I think he got that one recently, so maybe that's it.
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It may have been me that you were talking to about the book. I have highly recommended the new Sklansky/Malmuth/Miller book to everyone. I think its called Winning Big at Low Stakes Holdem. Came out this year. Red cover. Its geared towards 2/4 through 6/12 limit games. Great strategy and not quite as boring as his book Holdem for Advanced Players.

I agree with Hags that you should stay away from Helmuth's books. He spends more time tooting his own horn than giving advice. I think he's a complete CHOAD. For instance, he recommends that learning players play only "his" top 10 hands and don't pay any attention to suitedness, b/c it doesn't matter. (eg AQ should be thought of just like AQ-suited. What an idiot.

It was me you were sitting with and it was doman4 that mentioned that he really liked Phil Gordon's book and how it covered betting. The memory is the second thing to go..........poor jaime........hehehehee.........
Oh yeah...I knew that...

I just looked at the review of that book and it looks a little cheesy like a beginner book. I remember Nick saying he liked the betting strategy but I don't think I'd buy that one now that I've looked at it.

I like the new 2+2 book that Packer mentioned and the new Cloutier/McEvoy one that Hags mentioned. I think I need to brush up a tad. Maybe I'll pick those up sometime.
HeatPackinEsq said:
I think its called Winning Big at Low Stakes Holdem. Came out this year.
Almost -- it's "Small Stakes Hold 'em: Winning Big With Expert Play".
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