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Apparently you mofo's want to come to the desert again next spring and shoot the shit and play some cards. Seems like we should start getting locked in on a date

Please weigh in on which ones are good and bad for you. I don’t think we want to go before March 22 or after Apr 30, and the week with easter is out.

March 22-26
Mar 29-Apr 2 (final 4 weekend)
Apr 9 (Easter- ruling this out)
Apr 12-16
Apr 19-23
Apr 26-30

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Honestly any of those dates is fine by me.

ANZAC Day is the 25th which is the Tuesday. I will probably plan my service for the Saturday before which will be the 22nd. So if it falls on this date, I'll be out for the bulk of Saturday again, but that's cool.

Can't wait.
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