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Played the 12/24 at Derby

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So I arrived last night around 6pm at Derby. Seemed to be a slow night for a Saturday. I got into a 4/8 with no wait, and was there for about 2 hours. Ran my initial rack up to $325 while I watched the Kings lose to the worst team in the league :evil:
It's funny how people in 4/8 like to talk about how good they are, how bad you are, etc. In most games I don't show my cards, don't talk about my game, etc. Sometimes (especially in the 4/8 ) I like to be a smartass on purpose... tends to get people to call me down more often (which is a GOOD thing). When my name got called for 12/24, this guy to my right was ridiculing me, telling me not to lose all my piggy bank money. lol.

So 12/24 was in the back room, kinda secluded and there was only 1 pai-gow table going in the room. Sat down to a full table in seat nine and ordered some food and watched the game. Didnt get any good hands till about 30min in.. KQs 1 off the button. 3 callers to me. I raise, button drops, but all else calls. Flop comes Q92 rainbow. Not too bad. Someone bets... I raise, all but small blind calls. Turn blank. I bet, he calls. River is a 10, he checks I bet, he Raises, I call, he turns over JK for the gut straight on the river :?: ... didnt see that coming from a 12/24 table.

So the whole night goes on like this. Im playing strong cards, getting out if the flop has nothing, and for abour 5 hours im up and down... at about 2 or so, I'm actually up about $200, when I look down and see the big rockets in early position. I raise, folded around to the big blind, who throws in 3 chips saying "well I cant let you bluff and steal it" :?:
So the flop comes something like Jxx with 2 clubs. he checks, i bet, he raises, I reraise (one of my aces is suited on the board), he calls. Turn is the third club, he checks, I bet (not putting him on the clubs) , he calls. River is a 3 of diamonds. He checks, I bet, he raises, I call. He turns over J3o WTF????? :?:

So I take my remaining chips and cash out. The blind was here, and I just wasnt feeling it that night. Cashed out up a few bucks, but totally frustrated that people play shitty like that at 12/24. Don't get me wrong, there were a couple good players (same as Ive seen before at 8/16) but there were a host of new faces that seem to only have come out for the higher limits. These guys appeared to have bottomless wallets, and an appetite for stupid loose play.

So my conclusion on mid-limit play (based on this night and other observations) is that people who play these levels tend to me: Wealthy, Not very good, and Loose. They treat games like this as 4/8. Same # of chips. Money has little value to them. It's hard, in the long run, to beat 3 a game when 4 of the players are going to call all the way on a longshot. I also noticed that the 2 really good players that I know from 8/16 were stagnant all night, not really playing much and slowly bleeding...

So today I'm going to run over to Costco, then maybe check out Derby again. They don't spread 12/24 on Sunday, but I'm ok with 4/8 right now. Take care all!

-David "The Kid"
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So my conclusion on mid-limit play (based on this night and other observations) is that people who play these levels tend to me: Wealthy, Not very good, and Loose. They treat games like this as 4/8. Same # of chips. Money has little value to them.
This is SO disappointing to hear. I guess stronger players are supposed to love these conditions, but I have yet to sit in a game at any level where I witnessed strong play beat lucky fools consistently.

Thanks for the report, I hope you can check it out some more and let us know if the same conditions persist, or if it's just because it's new and all the big fish haven't been crushed yet.
Good to hear houw your first night of experiaence was on the table.
I'll be interested in sitting down on it, but may (after reading your post) sit and watch the table for a while before shipping chips around.

What are they using for chips? $5's and $1's or $4's?
What are they using for chips?

...folded around to the big blind, who throws in 3 chips saying "well I cant let you bluff and steal it"

Sounds like $4 chips.....
That's what I would gess from his post, so I'm surious if they got new chips for that game. I don't think they had $4 chips prior to that game.
Oops, my bad. I should have said that he tossed it 4 chips to call my raise. They are using new chips, actually, but they are $3 chips. Blue with brown marks in the usual Derby pattern.

My bad. Still, I think I'm going to stay away from this game for awhile. Maybe I'll play it again sometime if the composition of players and play seems to be different. I really didn't like how that game was heading, and I kinda got mad as I walked away after having AA's cracked... GRR we all steam sometimes.

Looks like they are no longer playing 8/16, at least while 12/24 is going. Makes sense, there wouldn't be enough bodies to fill both games. They are making a serious attempt to keep NL' (err Spread Limit :roll: ) going every night, with enough interest. It went last night for 3 hours, then broke up... I was at the 4/8 main game doing pretty well.

Well, talk to yous' all later.

-David "Kid"
Tried the 12/24 again!

Ok so I was at Derby today and decided to give the 12/24 game another try. This time around was MUCH better than last time. I decided up front to really play tight, since everyone else seems to play super-loose.

Not sure if it was this strategy (tight/aggresive), or some luck (probably both), but I had a monster night. Raised my big hands. Some didn't hold up, but for the most part people just seemed to be calling me down. AKs middle position, I raise, 2 callers. Kxx no suits on the flop. I bet, they call. j on the turn, I bet, 1 folds one calls, river is nothing, i bet, he calls. I show AK, he shows Kx off and I drag a good pot. Hell I ever flopped QUADS on a hand, and got action to the river. Limped in with 66, flop is 6K6, 2 clubs. Slow played that sucker, and people were raising around me. Crazy night.

So I played around 5 hours and cashed out an amazing 5 4/5 racks!!! From a 1 rack buyin, thats a profit of almost $1500. Wow. Just one of those days, but man, if I can even make 1/2 of that when I play, I think I've just found my new favorite table limit game. Just gotta adjust your play is all... also I brushed up on some mid/higher limit table stakes game books and that seemed to help. You guys should check this game out sometime, it's not so bad as long as you don't let the loose play get the better of you. Fold the 10 9s when someone raises, ya know?? ALright see ya all later.

-David "Kid"
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Very nice and glad to hear!
Very well done!

Glad ot hear you took some cash off the able.
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