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PartyPoker November reload bonus

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For those of you who use PP and didn't get an email or filtered it out, they are having a reload bonus this weekend ending midnight Monday. 20% up to $100. You play 7xbonus "raked" hands within one week. I got the notice via email, but I'd think it woud be in their news section.

The code is RELOADNOV

Made my deposit ($500) yesterday and earned the $100 bonus this morning. Played three games of $25NL simultaneously which gave me about 120 raked hands an hour (played tighter than normal too). Involved playing about 6 hours of poker, which is normal for me on the weekend when I get the urge to play. Also snagged a strange $150 dollars too, so it came out to be a nice little weekend.

Made the mistake of braggin to my wife. Opps, "so we are getting some new carpet then?" Not that $250 will buy a houseful of new carpet, but you get the point......

Oh well, there goes that new monitor I was looking at.
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Feb Bonus

Anyone have Feb. Bonus Code. I got the email and deleted it..

I know you need to make the deposit by Wednesday..

The code for January (good till midnight Wed 1/26) is BONUSJAN.
Thank you very much.. Just saw your other post...
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