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So I get home and there's this box from Party Poker with a hat and a note saying they put $50 inmy account.

Cool. I get set up and go see if I can parlay the $50 into some real cash. I go fond a $25 NL game and here's what happend....

I finally find a playable hand of KG, but I'm UTG and just limp. I catch a K on the flop, bet $3 into a 2.50 pot and win. I'm up like .50. OK cool. Then my connection freezes up. (Hagar winning a pot really does break the game!). I get back just in time to see that I was dealt KK in the BB. The all-in protection takes hold and I end up dragging about 1.50 after a K hit the flop. (Absolute BS!!!!!!!!!) Hang around a while and find another KQ. There is a slight raise ahead of me so I just call. The flop comes K high. The raisor checks and I open for like $5. Some other guy check raises me all-in and I call. He shows AA. Fun.

I throw my second buy-in into play. Get nothing for a while, win a couple small pots, lose a few bets I'm at about $18 - I get QT on the button and call a small raise from some guy whos been throwing chips around like they're funny money. Flop comes AQT. Raiser bets $3 I double it and some schmuck behind me raises all-in. Raiser folds I of course call. HE has AQ and I'm fucked. Very next hand I get AQ suited. I throw my last $4 in and get rasied and called. Flop brings nothing for me - but a nice full house to the dick with JJ.

It was free money and I'm ready to kill somebody....

I'll never figure out why the "gonna get fucked" hands are so goddamed clumped.
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