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party invite

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Anybody wanna come to a really fun party???

Mrs Doc and I hang out in Rescue a lot because we've got family up there. Each year the Rescue Fire Dept has a big fundraiser called "Hot August Night." Yeah...It's a ripoff of the Reno thing but a lot smaller obviously. It's a classic car show at their fire department. They get about 50 cars and a few hundred people. They do a huge BBQ dinner, a DJ later in the night, and really cheap drinks all night long. It's like the entire town of Rescue comes to party. It's pretty cool.

As far as parties's a blast. It's next Saturday night the 21st. Tickets are something like $20 each. If you live in Eldo County or Folsom area or close enough that Rescue isn't far outta the way for you, we could hook up and hang out. My wife and will be there all night long.

Any takers??? :?: :?: :?:

I know it's pretty close to the Strutts and the Gwinups. Dodger lives on that side of town. I'm not sure where the daCunha bros each live but I was thinking that it's on that side of town. Any of y'all (or anybody at all) wanna drag your wives to a party that night and hook up???
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I appreciate the invite but I will be in San Jose for most of the day and I was going to try and drive back in time for a game but I have not heard if Don is still going to host still.

I will wait to hear but thanks again for thinking of us!
It sounds fun but I don't know if I could drag the wife all the way up there. :D
You trying to mess with our game attendance?


I'm planning to play POKER (remember that?) if Don (or someone else) is hosting.

Hagar the Suckoutable
I'm really NOT trying to suck attendance from a game (and I know you're just giving me shit, Suckoutable), but the game Sat nite seems to be on the ropes (or at least not organized enough yet to warrant an official post or an Evite). I figured an "option" was in order for those people looking for a backup plan to poker.

Besides...Don't ya think that y'all play enough poker??? (Nevermind...I know what the answer to that question is around here...) :wink:

I'm actually glad that I took this little month-long break from the cards, because now I'm jonesin' for it again. I needed a break from my bad run to remember how much fun this is. Now I'm ready to get back at it again.
I just posted a thread on the game for Aug. 21.
Hey All...I'm not trying to suck people away from the 8/21 game but I did wanna jog some memories about this party offer in Rescue.

I know Quads is planning a game, but I don't know if he's gonna get 2 tables going. If he doesn't there may be some of you looking for a good time (so to speak... :wink: ) on Saturday night.

Found out today that the Daddy & Mama Warbucks are coming with us to this after all, so the 4 of us will be there having a good time. Would be cool if somebody else from here wants to come along too.

I guess I ought to send an email so that more people see this...
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