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Only on PartyPoker (long)

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I've written about some lulu or weird plays that I've seen or been in at PartyPoker from time to time on the Pals website. Well here's my first one for BYOC.

I'm in a $100 buy-in NL Holdem Sit-n-go on Party tonight. Stuck for the night about $100 in 3/6, so I take my last $100 in credit and sign up for the SNG.

Played a tight game and didn't commit all-ins pre-flop as at this level the play is usually good, got the usual bad beats, AA cracked by KTo, that kind of thing. Six players left and I'm very short stacked. In fact only 85 chips (buyin gets you a thousand) and here comes the BB at 300. It's see ya later, off to bed, kick the dog and punch the wall time....

Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: dentist1 ( $1550 )
Seat 8: BONG_ ( $1080 )
Seat 7: kla25 ( $1270 )
Seat 2: tm1969 ( $2580 )
Seat 3: Delta_Dave ( $85 )<<<<<<------------
Seat 4: wallacemac ( $3435 )
Trny:6703053 Level:6
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Delta_Dave [ 7h Kd ]

Dealt a K7o on the BB, one live player and the SB come in for the full bet of 300. flop is TK7 turn 2, River J. SB folds after turn to bet from live player who shows J7 for 2 pair. My 2 pair gains me 255 chips.

Next hand I'm the SB and away goes 150 chips. Dealt JsAd. Button calls 300, I go all-in for 255 and the BB checks. Flop is J27 turn 2 river 5. I triple up with 2 pair J's & 2's. Now I have 765 chips and have survived the blinds.

On the button, I'm dealt quad's favorite hand AA, folded all around to me, I raise to 600, SB folds, BB calls. Flop is Q8A. BB checks, I go all in with my remaining 165, BB calls, turn is 5, river 7. I collect 1680 chips. My mind is reeling now.

Fold the next two hands and now I'm UTG and dealt AQo. I call the 300 BB. It folds all the way to the BB who checks. The flop is 9A7. The BB pushes all in and the bet is $2130, I have $1380 left and call. The turn is a 6, the river is a K. BB shows an AJ but my Q kicker doubles me up. I'm pushed 3510 chips from the Pot.

In 6 hands (played 4) I've gone from dogfood to chip leader.

NL Hold'em $100 Buy-in + $9 Entry Fee Trny:6703053 Level:6 Blinds(150/300) - Sunday, October 24, 03:00:19 EDT 2004
Table Table 12908 (Real Money)
Seat 1 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: dentist1 ( $1100 )
Seat 8: BONG_ ( $1230 )
Seat 7: kla25 ( $335 )
Seat 2: tm1969 ( $750 )
Seat 3: Delta_Dave ( $3510 )<<<<<<<---------
Seat 4: wallacemac ( $3075 )
Trny:6703053 Level:6

10 or so hands later and some folded blinds I'm still chip leader, but only barely. The chips have redistributed themselves back and forth, so the chip lead count is now only in the 2300 range.

I'm just to the right of the button, the blinds are 200/400 and dealt QQ. Folded to me, and I raise to 800 chips, Button goes all in for 1545, blinds fold, deep breath and call. Shows me AJo. Flop is 65J, turn is 3, river 5. 2 pair wins Q's and 5's. But it was a scare with him holding that A. Collect 3690 chips from pot and have a 2000+ chip lead.

Next hand I'm dealt KsTd and the blinds (200/400) are short stacked (680/880 chips) so I decide to attack their stacks. Player UTG folds, I raise to 800 in attack mode, dealer folds, SB folds, and BB goes all-in for 880. I call the extra 80. BB shows 2c9c, the flop is 4s5s3s, the turn 5d, the river 2s give me the flush against the BB 2 pair. Saved by the river.

Two hands later in the SB I pick up AdTd. The UTG is short stacked at 480 chips and goes all-in, the button folds, I completed my blind and the extra 80 chips to 480, the BB adds 80 chips more too. Flop comes 62J, check check, turn K, check, BB bets 400. I do whats known as a "crying call", expecting to lose, but the river gives me an A. I check hoping to catch the BB, but he checks his pocket K7 and I gain no more.
Still I drag 2240 chips from the pot.

It's more or less attack time now that the blinds are 250/500 the remaining two other players have 1200 and 1700 chips and I've got 7100.

A few hands later I take on the shorter stack in his BB with KTo against his A6 suited with Flop 32T, turn 2 river 7. Whew!! No help for his A.

Now its my 9000 chips vs. the 1000 of the remaining opponent. We spar and jab for a few hands with me attacking vigoriously. He's down to 600 with 250 blind on the button and goes all-in with A7 suited. I have the 500 BB and call the extra 100 with 2hJh. Flop is 7hKh2s, turn is 5s, river 4h for the heart flush and the tournament win.

tm1969 shows [ 7d, Ad ] a pair of sevens.
Delta_Dave shows [ 2h, Jh ] a flush, king high.
tm1969 finished in second place and won $300.
Delta_Dave wins 1200 chips from the main pot with a flush, king high.
tm1969 has left the table.
Congratulations,Delta_Dave! You won $500.

Pinch me I must be dreaming......

PartyPoker now writes the hand histories directly to your computer, so now you don't have to request them if you are using Poker Tracker software. I think I'm going to print this transcript out. Had some fantastic hands hold up with nice flops but also realize that toward the end there, I got some good river cards to finish up hands.

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.....
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