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I was going through my various accounts online and i noticed that i had 80 cents on my absolute poker account. Absoulte has 60 cent sit n go's and i was bored and gave it a try for shits and giggles. I placed first and won a wopping $2.25.

I then enter into one of there $1.25 sit n go. Once again i placed first and won a wopping $4.5. Not quite enough to get into thier 6 dollar sit n go so i entered into one of their $2.5 ones and took a disapointing third. This gave me just enough to enter into the 6 dollar one. Boom first place and $27 into my account.

I'm figuring i am on a hot streak and i enter into a $25 sit n go. Disaster struck and i finished 4th place on a bad beat, Pocket Aces getting cracked by pocket 10's. We were both all in preflop and 4 to a flush came out :x
If i would have won this hand i would have been the chip leader with more then 50% of the total chip count. First place would have been around $112. Starting with 80 cents almost went the distance, maybe next time.

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