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Oct 22 General Notes

Here’s a few more details regarding the tourney (/possible cash game) for October 22.

-Parking is going to be a bit of an issue. If you can catch a ride with someone, please do. I know this can be difficult in a tourney situation (one guy having to wait for his ride home to bust out) but 29 cars will take over the neighborhood in a hurry. Please do not park across the street from my house. The streets get too narrow when cars are parked across the street from each other and I have been hassled a bit by the local Barney Fifes on previous occasions.

-Please plan to arrive by 3:45 so we can get started on time. Unless I get bogged down collecting from late arrivals right at 4:00, we will start at 4:00.

-Please bring exactly $50 for the tourney and exactly $5 for the High Hand Jackpot (if you wish to participate). If you’re planning on playing in the possible cash game after you bust out, please try to bring a little change (small bills with you). I'll have some change, but I'd appreciate it if everybody doesn't show up with nothing but $20s and $100s. I'm not a bank you know. The cash game has not been determined but will likely be a $25 or $50 buy-in, NL Texas Hold’em. The players that start the game will determine the game.

-We’ll be in the garage. It is October. With 30 bodies, I don’t expect it to get too cool, but you’d be wise to be prepared for it to be warm, or for it to be cool. If it’s warm, I’ll fire up a couple fans; if it gets really cold I have a heater that will take the chill off. I don’t expect that it will be extreme in either direction, but dress accordingly and have a light jacket or sweater with you.

- I have a jacuzzi that you're welcome to use should you happen to bust out early. Bring a suit and a towel if that's something that interests you. If you happen to bust out early and plan to stay for the cash game, I can't offer a lot of entertainment for you. You're welcome to hang out in the back yard (or front for that matter). You're welcome to hang out and watch the action, but please don't interfere with the game. There is an 24 hour ATM in Rancho Murieta up by the grocery store. (Just in case.) That's about the only thing that's 24/7 in this town.

- Please step outside the garage to smoke. There will be ash trays in front and out the side door – please use them.

- Chairs! Please bring a chair for yourself. (Folding metal chairs are preferred.) If you happen to have a couple extra, please bring them along in case someone else forgets their’s.

- I’m planning on dragging the grill around front so we can que up some dogs. I’ll likely be dealing, so I’ll have to hope that someone who has busted out will be willing to cook ‘em up before the meal break. There will also be some worthless junk food munchies. It would be appreciated if you’d pitch in a buck or two for the food. If you prefer, there’s a Burger King about a mile from my house as well as a grocery store with a deli, a pizza place, Chinese and Mexican restaurants.

- I’ll have a couple of big ice chests for YOUR beverages. If you have an ice chest that you can bring, it would be appreciated.
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