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Well, I've been working on my tournament play online a lot over in Korea, so I decided to try my new found skills on the Lucky Derby $65 tourney. I start off with a full stomach and a calm mind (jamming to Nora Jones on the way back from Red Robin). I sit down and let 3 orbits and 1 blind structure pass me by before I see a playable hand. I get (4,4) in middle position. I figure I have quite a bit of respect at the table since I haven't played a single hand, so I bump it up to $300 (3x the BB). ERveryone folds and I pick up the blinds, which is perfectly fine with me. Two hands later I get Q,Q and make it the same raise. Everyone folds to a guy who was playing pretty aggressive. He had been in about 10 raised pots. He pushes all in. I thought about it for a few seconds then called. He had A,Q and I took all his chips. I play the observer for another orbit when I pick up A,8 spades in late position. cut off and button are both showing fold, so I raise it up to $600 ($100-$200 blinds). Button flat calls instead of folding and I get 2 other callers. I flop the nuts. I calmy check it to the button whom imeadiately shoves. Everyone folds to me and I take his chips (he had A,K and hit his K). I fold one more orbit and pick up J,10 on the small blind. Three handed to the flop, I hit my Jack and quickyl fired off a pot sized bet. The BB folded, and first position, who has been dying to get out of this tourney so he can got play $20-$40NL house game, shoves all in. So I look at him and he's smiling at my and shaking all around in his chair, so I call. He flips up sixes (no set) and I take his chips. So now I'm sitting around $8000 with $200-400 blinds after starting with $1700 I believe. They're starting to combine tables and I lose my chip leader status to 2 guys that come sit down. One is a young guy, seems to be very solid player, I note to stay out of his way. The other is a loudmouth older middle-eastern guy. He seems to be relativly tight. I get A,Qo in middle postion and pump it up to $1600 to go. Everyone folds to 1st pos (one of the new big chip stacks). He thinks about it for a few seconds, looks to see how many chips I have, then calls. Flop comes A,Q,8 all hearts. He checks it to me. I'm thinking the only hand I can put feasibly put him on that would beat me is K,J hearts, but I don't see him playing that out of position to a raise. Since he had been playing pretty conservative, I put him on a PP. I decided if I was going to lose to a set, so be it. I go all in. He thinks for a minute then calls. "Do you have the flush? Because, I have 2 pair" I say. "Nope, but it's coming." he says and flips up pocket 2's with the 2 of hearts. WTF?!?!?! Well, needless to say, the 4th heart comes on the turn, and I sleep with the fishes. I was a little upset about it, but I'm not too mad. I figured I played amazing poker and got beat by some idiot. The next 3 times I'm in the same situation, I'll beat him, so it's all good.
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