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new poker book

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Anybody seen this yet, or even read it? Any reviews? ... 4520#image
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I haven't read it yet. I flipped through it one day - it looked pretty basic. The authors are pretty well respected though.
I have HoldEm Poker and Theory of Poker. This looked maybe a little more "mainstream" to me. Seems to me they tried to write something that would appeal to the masses who have jumped on the HoldEm bandwagon. Just wondering if they managed to write something that was a little more "reader friendly" than HEP and HE for Advanced Players.
I bought it about a month ago and am working my way through it the second time.

Ed Miller is known to frequently say - a) be aggressive, but not stupid and b) don't fold to one bet on the river - and his book lives up to that.

I'll bring it on Saturday, if anyone wants to look at it.
I read it. It basically says the same thing as everything else but it says it a bit more clearly. It does not talk about the mechanics of how to start playing so I would not recommend it to a complet newbie.

I did like that they talked a bit about pot odds, equity, counting outs etc. Alot of books don't spend much time on these areas in a clear manner.

Other then that it is basic.
It is for low limit play - does the book distinguish the different plans that one would use in low limits, but not in higher limits?

I have a felling I'm suffering from trying to apply the right game plan, to the wrong game when it comes to my adventures in the 3/6 games.
It does decribe the difference between the way we play and how you would play if you actually had $1,000 - $10,000 of your own money on the line. Basically, play tight but aggressive and don't bet on bluffing everyone out of pots.

I would equate your style Hagar to a Dan Harrington where if you are raising before or on the flop, you most likely have best or second best hand out the gate. With that style, you basically need premium cards to play and win or you need to see alot of flops cheap to be able to hit and run. If you throw a bit more aggressive play in there post-flop, you have what the book is trying to describe.

It talks about people seeing too many hands to the river where they shouldn;t be based on pot odds/equity. It talks about proper betting amounts in relation to the pot, blinds, and raising/calling for implied odds vs. forcing someone out.

As I said, it is all the normal stuff but maybe you will find a few golden nuggets in there re: lower limits that will give you a bit of an edge.

I liked it alot better then most of the other books I read meaning I would of liked to have started with this type of book a long time ago.
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OK - what you're saying is that book lies like all the rest. :wink:
I bought the book last weekend, and like it.

Its kind of like Skalansky and Malmuth's Advanced book, but much better and clearly written. For instance, rather than focusing on the cards you should only play, it goes more into cards you might play and under what circumstances.

Anyway, Ill bring my copy Saturday and we all can discuss.

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