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Hagar initialed the following idea during one of our infreqent email exchanges, so I would like to see what everyone thinks (I am not trying to change the current structure, which is fine IMO):

As all of you who have played in our normal $50 buy in game know that the blinds are $0.50/$1. What if we make the blinds $1/$1? I think this has a few advantages:

1. It eliminates one denomination of chips as $0.25 chips will no longer be necessary.

2. It shouldn't change the cost of the game that much since on unraised pots that we played with 50 cents small blind almost always called for an extra 50 cents.

3. In our current game we almost never have blind battles (i.e., everyone passes and just the blinds were left.)

4. It might promote slightly more multi-handed situations which make the game more fun.

5. It should also speed up the game (I would estimate by 3%, which translates to maybe 1 more hand an hour).

The only downside I see is that on a raised pot the small blind will give up an extra 50 cents by not defending. But overall I don't think going to 2 $1 blinds will fundamentally change the game.

Your thoughts?
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