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New Blind Structure?

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Hagar initialed the following idea during one of our infreqent email exchanges, so I would like to see what everyone thinks (I am not trying to change the current structure, which is fine IMO):

As all of you who have played in our normal $50 buy in game know that the blinds are $0.50/$1. What if we make the blinds $1/$1? I think this has a few advantages:

1. It eliminates one denomination of chips as $0.25 chips will no longer be necessary.

2. It shouldn't change the cost of the game that much since on unraised pots that we played with 50 cents small blind almost always called for an extra 50 cents.

3. In our current game we almost never have blind battles (i.e., everyone passes and just the blinds were left.)

4. It might promote slightly more multi-handed situations which make the game more fun.

5. It should also speed up the game (I would estimate by 3%, which translates to maybe 1 more hand an hour).

The only downside I see is that on a raised pot the small blind will give up an extra 50 cents by not defending. But overall I don't think going to 2 $1 blinds will fundamentally change the game.

Your thoughts?
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So the bring in remains $1 for non blind positions?

To me the small blind is not a given bet. In an unraised pot, the big blind can play anything, and the small blind less so (so slightly stronger hands). So you're proposing 2 big blinds?

Generally speaking Im open to the idea. But I really dont see how it adds value.

I like the idea, but it wouldn't really change the game much (if at all) except adding .50 more to the pot. The small blind, with that structure, in an unraised pot would pay the .50 extra to see a flop.
I don't see any big deal with keeping things as they are since if all we are gaining is one hand an orbit or an hour....minute difference in play.

I also don't care if we change it either. I will try it at my next game to see if it is better. My opinion is it will be hosts choice.
Let me explain how the concept came to be. Ace is planning a game and advertised it as a.50 on the dollar game. The reason for this was because he didn't have chips to represent .25 or .50 chips. So we'd buy-in for $40 and get $100 in chips and play a 1/2 blind which is the same as our .50/1 structure.

I was confused about the 50% chip value (just don't see the point), and suggested that he:

-Use quarters or half dollars for the blinds
-Borrow some unmarked chips to use as quarters or half dollars
-Do 2-$1 blinds

I would do the latter as a last resort, preferring #2 as the best solution. I don't think it would change the game much if any, but I do like the concept of the SB/BB stucture - it still requires a little decision making in the SB.

Have you ever limped in the SB with crap because it was so cheap only to have the BB raise? Now you have another decidsion to make.

Are you really gonna pitch in a half bet with 72o just because there are 5 or 6 players in the pot? (OK, sorry, stupid question)

Ultimately, it would make little difference though.
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(personally) I don't care for a big blind and a small blind being the same amount. It isn't then a BIG blind and a little blind. They are then simply blinds. This takes away from people raising thier blinds, or the action that is created between the blinds and the rest of the table.

I played BIG Kahuna's game on Friday with the .50/$1 blinds and I thought it worked well. Why change it? It works. But again, as BIG Kahuna pointed out, to each host, his (or her) own. What ever the host sets for the stakes is the structure. There is no "standard" so to speak. I've toyed with a few different structures in the past 1/2 dozen games with $1/2, $2/5 $1/2 and a $5 bring in, $2/4, etc. etc. etc.

I also would question if making Aces point of the blinds being the same would increase the speed of play by 3%. I can only figure that it would increase it maybe 2%, maybe on the outstretch, 2.5% :p

If there were any change to it, to get rid of the smaller (25 or fiddy cent) chips, would be to make the blinds $1/2, however if you are playing straight up on a cash game, that would be a little steep of a blind for a $50 buy in. Or, like Hag's said, get a chip to support the structure.
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Thanks for all your comments. I think it is probably fine to stick with what we have.
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