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My clay chips ordered in March still haven't arrived!!

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In march, i decided to order a set of nice personalized clay chips from, because they are one of the new places that offers customized REAL CLAY chips.
When i ordered and paid, they said to expect them in May (about a 2 month delay) because the company was super busy with the new poker craze. I thought 2 months was a long time, but the chips looked really nice. It's now mid-August and i've received absolutely Jack-crap! WTF??? I've called them and they keep saying, week after week, that they will ship them out in a few days. They're "almost done".
Recently I called them to rant and request some type of credit, and despite my lawyerly threats, they basically said I can go "piss up a rope"...
So, if any of you want some clay chips and want to receive them before your fingers have so much arthritis that you can't riffle them, then don't order from
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I remember that Don had some problems with his hot stamped chips. It wasn't several months, but there was some delay that he didn't expect.

Customization seems to be a problem for some reason.
If you paid for them on a credit card, which I imagine you did... call the CC company and tell them to charge it back. You have paid for a product that they have failed to deliver. The CC company will be on your side.
I think he wants his chips.....
Here is a list of poker chip sellers from homepoekrtourney:
Get your monay back, tell them to pound sand, and get chips somewhere else.

5 Star Deal
Apache Poker Chips (a Chipco supplier)
Dice702 (a Chipco supplier)
Gamblers Co. (U.K.)
High Roller Supply
HomePokerChips (a Chipco supplier)
Nevada Jacks
Old Vegas Chips
PokerChipDepot (Canada)
PokerPitBoss (Denmark)
PokerStash (Canada)
SourceForPoker (Canada)
T. R. King & Co. (a Chipco supplier)

Plus many more that take money in excahnge for product!

I know he wants his chips, but it doesn't take 6 motnhs to make a set of custom chips.
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poker chips

Hi Esq.,

Sorry to hear about your woes with your chip order.

I have a set of new 500 so called Casino De Isthmus or James Bond chips made by Blue Chip Co. which I would like to sell. They are casino quality clay chips. Blue Chip Co. is the new company started by the founder of Paulson Chip Co. after he sold Paulson. I think Stratosphere and 4 Queens Casinos use the same type of chips. I did not customize these chips. The quantities and denominations are as follows:

150 x $1
150 x $5
100 x $25
50 x $100
25 x $500
25 x $1000

(Disclosure: I used 10 of the $1 chips to teach poker to my older son who is 6 and we played maybe about 100 hands over a few sessions. We played 5 card draw. He is pretty smart: everytime I took 2 card he told me that he knew I had one pair before the draw. However, he had a problem putting on a poker face: both times he made a flush he got all excited. It was good thing that we were playing $1 ante before the draw and we showed down our hands with no betting after the draw, and more importantly we were not playing for real money. Or else I didn't think his weekly $5 allowance would have lasted very long because of his tells. In addition, I didn't teach him the concept of bluffing.)

If you are interested I could email the photos to you (if you could provide me your email address, or you could check out and see what they look like. I ordered these chips from dice702 at $0.89 per chip back in May and received them about a week later (I did not take their free case offer with my 500-chip order but instead I had them waive the shipping charge in exchange. Hence, I bought a nice wooden chip case on ebay). The reason I want to sell them is because I went out and bought another set of 500 Paulson chips on ebay. Of course I am not asking what I paid for them and I will consider any reasonable offer.

Anyway, I am planning to attend the Sept. 4 game. I could bring them to show you if you are going.


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I think these are the same chips that Quad's has.


Please respond to the evite as for the game on the 4th. That list is the official list of who's in or not. You won't get directions and details if you're not on the "Deal Me In" list.

Hi Esq.,

FYI, I will not have any access to a computer between Wed. the 18th and Sun. the 22th. But any messages will be replied by the 23rd.

Hi Mark,

I just accepted your invitation on eVite. Thanks.


P.S. Doesn't eVite sound similar to eVict? Maybe someone should set up that site so you can send your tenants eviction notices if they don't pay rent.
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Finally, on August 19, my damn chips finally arrived. I haven't played with them much, but they look like it was ALMOST worth the wait.
Hey James...Just wanna make sure you got my email about planning for the 11th and using the table...Lemme know if you didn't...

Those are the chips I have. I am interested in them. hang on to them and we'll make a deal on them. I have a bunch now, and would be interested in what you have to add to my set.

Let's talk via email and figure something out.

quads at pcpotato dot com

Hi Quads,

I will hold on to them until I see you at the next mutually attended game, unless you want to make some other arrangements.

I'll shoot you an email and we'll figure something out.
holy thread bump batman! 4 years!
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