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Sonny and I hooked up at about 8:00 for the evening festivities. We had talked about swinging over to the old strip and maybe check out Binion's, just for the sake of having said we did. One of the guys I was sitting next to during the afternoon session suggested that would not be the greatest experience ("bunch of locals who don't belive in showers") so we ended up heading over to the Mirage to hook up with a few of Sonny's coworkers/buddies. As we were leaving, I noticed that the 12:00 tourney was still going, down to the last 6 players.

We found the Mirage poker room and it was a bit of a culture shock. After playing at the Wynn, it felt a lot like walking into Jackson. Just wasn't the same. No biggy, I'm not a big snob about poker room's being nice or not, but I was definately getting spoiled. We found the NL brush (as opposed to the limit brush) and got on a list for the 1/2 game. HIs pals were already in a game and we went over and sweated them for a bit. They opened up a new 1/2 table about 30 minutes later and after some confusion, we got seated.

Four of the people in this game were couples who had no clue about poker. They were almost sharing cards, "What should I do?" and we had to put the kibosh on that right away. These people were pure donaters - it was just gonna be a matter of avoiding the minefield that these type of people bring. I won the first couple hands and I could tell right away that they had no business being there - any bet over $20 and they were basically pissing in thier pants (at least the women) and they were not there long. They played maybe 6 or 7 hands and decided to go find something a little less intimidating.

About the 5th hand I land a KQs and get called in 2 places on my raise. The flop came A high with 2 of my suit. Guy in front of me opens and doubled his bet. The guy behind (one of the "couple's" guys) me now doubles my bet. WTF could he possibly have that would bring him that much courage? I laugh and call, hoping my suit would fill in. Nothing on the turn and we both call his bet. Another blank on the river and he just checked through. He showed down 85s for 2 flopped pair. At this point I just laughed and gave the most jovial "nice hand" I could.

Unfortunately, that was pretty much the end of anything good that I would experience the rest of this session. My cards went into the freezer for a very long time and I just sat and practiced my mucking skills for the most part for several hours. I started joking about what cheese I was gonna get on the button so Sonny offered me up a dollar bet that I wouldn't have a card higher than a 6. I won that bet, but barely (82) and then managed to win the next bet with an actual hand. I should have just kept playing that game.

About the second orbit, this wanna be young gun sat down and quickly snapped of the better part of Sonny's stack when he called a preflop raise with 64o and flopped 2 4's. Sonny couldn't get off his KK and went pretty balistic. HE was riding the young gun pretty hard for quite a while and the kid just ignored him thinking he was pretty hot shit. He started pulling that "all you gotta do is bet" routine where he'd raise and then show a couple of rags when nobody called him. The list of his stupid crap was way too long to bring up here, but as soon as the going got a little rough, he picked and ran away.

Sonny's buddies came over and joined our table, just to my left. Sonny had warned me that the guy was very aggressive and that proved to be true. And his stack was growing and shrinking in big chunks. His buddy's girlfriend (Sonny's roommate) was just to my left and she started off raising me a few times whenever I had a blind or tried to limp. I started giving her a little shit (in good fun) about raising me and I began to pretend to consult with her if she was going to raise me when I was limping. I'm sure I had way more fun with it then she did, but I needed something that resembled entertainment, because the cards were just not coming.

Aftre hours of waiting for something to get involved in, I finally woke up with AA. Knowing that there was about a 30% chance that Sonny's buddy would raise I limped hoping to get a pot built before I put some pressure on. Right on cue, he did and there was a caller to my right. My $70 wa sin the pot before the caller was in. Sonny's buddy really didn't give it much thought and called (about $45 more) and the other guy came along. The flop came all clubs, K high - I knew I was gonna get the shaft. I was hoping that my black Ace was a club, but it wasn't. His buddy fired and the other guy bailed. When we flipped, his buddy had JJ with a club. I was tapping the table saying nice hand before the club even fell on the turn. I got a little "I'm sorry man" out of him, but I waived him off and told him that I'm almost used to it. I was pretty surprised that he didn't recognize a limp-raise when he saw one and it was a pretty bad call against someone who hadn't played a hand in 2 hours, but hey, shit happens.

I threw another hundred on the table, kind of hoping Sonny was nearly ready to roll. I was very tired and the lack of cards was nearly driving me to tears. (Has I known how close we were to the Wynn, I probably would have just hoofed it home, but I didn't realize exactly where we were.) A few hands later, his buddy had KK snapped off by a knucklehead who called araise with 64 suited. He didn't like that one little bit and started whining a bit. I nearly reminded him of our KK vs AA encounter but decided to just keep my mouth shut. But he kept going on and on about it and I was really getting tired of it. Nothing worse than listening to a guy who just sucked on me, bitching about getting snapped off (for my chips!), especially when he could of got away from them when the board came all hearts and he didn't have one. Blah, blah , blah.

An orbit or so later I hooked up with QQ and was called preflop only by one new fishy. The flop came 6 high and he bet into me. I pumped it up pretty good and he called. The turn was a 2 (putting 4 cards to a little straight on the board and he was suddenly all in. WTF? I figure he probably had 2 pair and was worried that my Ace might hit a wheel if the 3 came (althought that would have been a chop) but I just didn't have the energy to find out. I rolled my eyes, "nice hand - whatever the cheese you were playing" and pitched the QQ. Mercifally, it wasn't much later before we finally checked out. I was down about $240 in that stupid little game and I think that Sonny dropped $150 or so as well. What a dreary session to end a pretty brutal day of cards.

Sonny took me home and then headed off for some dinner, and I headed upstairs to finish off my bottle of wine and get my chit together for my departure the next day. Set the alarm for 9:15 so I could get some breakfast and hit the pillow at about 3:00.
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