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Wife and kids are in San Francisco, and I have the night off. So I finally made a Tuesday Night Tourney.

Got there at 345p, and ended up 13th alternate. Gotta get there early I guess.

Was seated at a 4/8 game for an hour of warm up. Finished up $40 so almost paid for my tourney buyin.

I got seated at the very beginning of the 3rd round - blinds were 100-200. Tried to relax, but the adrenalin was pumping. Someone said there were 70 players and alternates. Im not sure what the actual count was, but within 5 minutes we had half a table of turnover. I happened to be seated at a table I was observing, so I thought I knew something about the players.

First stupid thing I did was also the first hand I played. I was Q 10d in late position. (having been seated on the dead button). Blinds 100-200, 1 limper before me, and the blinds yet to act. I had identified the limper as being timid, because the other players were pushing him off hands with larger bets. So I raised to 600. Blinds fold, the limper calls. Hmmm. Pockets? The flop is 4d 6d 9s. Limper checks, I bet 1000 (leaving me with 200..). Limper goes all in, I call (of course) (crap!). He's holding J 6! - I guess he was tired of being pushed around. Turn is a club, but the river is a 10, giving me top pair. Whew. Gotta relax some more.

The next stupid thing I did was against a super agressive guy sitting on my right an orbit or so later. I was in the big blind, he was in the small. I'm holding AQd, and raise to 800. A couple of limpers fold around to super agressive guy, who calls. Flop is 7 J 4 rainbow. Super agressive guy bets 1000, I call. (I cant beleive you called that!). Turn is Qs, check, I bet 1000, he calls; the river is a K, check, check. he turns up 87 still muttering "I cant beleive you called that". I figured him to be just agressing me off my overs. Lucky me :)

I maxed out at around 9k in chips. Bleed to the small and big blind gods, steal a blind when I was happy no one called here and there, and basically getting nothing playable.

I'm in the small blind (blinds 1000-2000) with 3500 left. 11 players in the tourney - 5 at my table. Im looking at K9o. 1 limper (I dont like that) but this is my first playable hand in a long time and Im out of time, so I shove. BB raises to 7000 (crap), limper goes all in for 8000(crap crap). BB calls.
Im way behind. BB shows JJ; limper shows AJo. Flop is 5K5! yeah! Im ahead! No ace Im chanting. Turn: 5! I have a boat! Gonna tripple up! No ace! no jack! No Ace! River a 5! Wow I have quads! Oh shoot. limpers Ace plays. Im out in 11th. (bubbled...)

Oh well. After the couple of missteps early that worked in my favor, thought I played pretty well after that.

First paid $14xx and 10th paid $95.


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Not bad for your first showing Rob.

I played textbook NL poker and I was unlucky. I was 2nd in chips at the first table I was seated at and the SB raises to $500 (blinds at 100/200) and I look down at KK. I re-raise to $1100 to bring SB all in and he calls with JJ. Needless to say, he spikes a J on the turn. He doubled up while putting a nice dent in my chip stack.

4 hands later. . . I'm on the button with QQ. The chip leader raises under the gun to $1,000 and I go ALL IN with $2100 left and he turns over KK. I didn't get any help and his kings held up. Busted!

Not much I could do. . .

Without luck in any tournament, you can only go so far. . .

I hope to see you next Tues.

Worm :wink:
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