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Lucky Derby 07-20-04 Tourney

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Curious to know if anyone from our group is planning on playing the $50 NL Tourney at the Derby this Tuesday (07-20)
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Probably not, but what time does it start?
Tuesday Evenings

Texas Hold'em No-Limit
Starts at 6:30pm
$50.00 buy in plus $5.00 entry fee
Sign-ups start at 5pm

It's usually best to either be there on a 4/8 table when they are doing sign ups or get there around 4:30 or so to stand in line. I usually go over get on a table or stand in line, get signed up, then go grab some chow around the corner.

They take alternates up into the 2nd round. The highest Ive been on the list was 26th or so and I think that was the time I took 3rd in the tourney.
So if that's any indication of how many people bust out the first round.

Pre flop raising Pocket Aces and Big Slick don't mean shit in the first few rounds.
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I wish you guys wouldn't twist my arm like that... I may just show up.
I'm gonna pass on the tourney.

But I'll likely go down and take another shot at DJ's tommorrow around 10:30. That place seriously owes me!
They don't have a tourney at DJ's right? Just a cash game?
Shoot me an email with then / where, I may hook up wiht you down there.
Hagar, I think if you get there between 10-10:30 you can but-in on the special. $80 in chips for $50. I plan on playing there tomorrow, but not sure what time. I have my major garage overhaul planned for the morning to get "poker friendly". Maybe I'll see you over there sometime after that.
Yeah, that was the special they ran last week. If I'm running good, I might still be there, but I'm only pulling one rack out this week. If it gets smoked, I'm gone. It's too depressing to lose 2 racks to those clowns....
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