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Just bought a truck load of Casino Tables

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OK, I'll do my best to post as many details as I can now and update / answer any questions as they become available.

So, long story short, I was still partially recovering from my banzai vegas trip, just got back from breakfast and a bloody marry with the Wifey and I figured I'd call ModFather and let him know I was still on to get the tables.

Earlier (last week) we went to take a look at them and were whipping cash out of our pockets faster than lickidee split when we saw the tables, and what they were being sold for. We talked about a time, and figured Sunday afternoon worked for both of us.

Below, are some of picutres that I took when I was unloading the tables. I'll add comments to each one.

Comment or ask any questions and we'l do out best to share what we know about them thus far.

A few points up front.
1. yes, we got a really really good deal on them. $40 each. 10 tables total.
2. Don't know what the plans are for all of them yet. I know of two card rooms here (local to Sacramento) that have expressed an interest in a couple of them, I may want one to keep, ModFather is going to keep a couple. We'd like to refinish them as needed and see them go to good use either in card rooms, or peoples homes for a fair deal.
3. Some are just the table tops, without the legs / footrail.
4. All of the larger tables have volara closed cell foam and the others have a 1/2 high density foam under them.
5. All the ply wood is either 1" or 2" thick. (yes, one or two inch thick ply wood. These things have a little weight to them.
5. Want to buy one? Sure, would love to work a deal. NO SHIPPING. If you want one, they are a come and get it deal.

Back of the trailer with 1/2 of the tables still loaded. The other half I dropped off at ModFathers place. (6 table tops in this pic) The two on the bottom are 8 feet in length and the 4 on top are 9 feet. All of the tables are 47 inches wide and the play surface is 40 1/2 inches wide.

The bottom of one table. NOTE: EVERY edge on the table is routed off with a 1/4 round bit. The dealer tray area, the toke slot, the rake slot, etc. This is a view of the bottom of one table with the dealer cut out / chip tray and the toke / rake box.

This is the material on the larger of the two tables. This is the same material as the suited felt, but it doesn't have a suit per say.

Table top with what looks to be some water stains. The wood doesnt' have any signs of water marks, so I'm hoping it's simply surface junk that will clean off with a Bissell type carpet cleaning machine.

Top of table with the bill drop slot.

Other side where the rake is.

Back side of the bill drop. Point of mention You can see the Volara foam peeking through the slot from the bottom side.

This is the top of one of the smaller (8 footer) tables. chips tray, drop box and bill drop. This one wll need to be refinished / felted. All the hardware will be taken off and reinstalled, depending on the buyers preference.

Shot of table top.

Another shot

Antoher shot

Full size shot of table with the 4 other 9' table tops under.

Stands / Foot Rails. Complete assemblies.
NOTE: They measure 27" tall.

Dirty, but show no signs of wear.

Again, dirty, but no signs of wear.

This is one of the rake drop boxes. Note that this one is larger (wider than the other boxes) We have the boxes and the inserts. What we don't have are keys, so we need to pop the locks out and get them re-keyed or buy the new locks for them (standard lock) off ebay for 8 bucks) Measures ~8-1/4" wide

by ~8-1/4" tall

by 12" deep.

The smaller box (bill drop and toke drop) is ~5-3/4" wide. Same length and width.

All of the toke and rake boxes in a pile. (these were on the tables when we got them, and I took them off for a littler easier storage.

NOt a great shot, but this is the inside of the rail. It looks like the 8 foot tables are using one piece of ply for the top rail portion and the 9" tables are using the "J" pieces like I built my table. The OUTSIDE edge of the rail is also ply, but it is a long piece that bends around the edge with foam over it.

Another shot of the rail. (again, not a great shot) I'll take one of these apart and take notes and picutres on how they were built.

This is one from the 9' tables. Notice the split in the ply. They look and feel like they are built out of 3/8" or 1/2" plywood.


let me know what questions I can answer.
All but 2 of the rails are in perfect condition. 2 or 3 of the tops have small tears in the material and we'll refelt. When I take one of the rails apart to revinyl, I'll add to this thread with any additional information and likely start a blong on my site as well.
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I would love to talk to you about buying one of these tables. If you get a chance please email me at [email protected].
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