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July 30 at the Horizon in South Lake Tahoe

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My evening at the table was a gift from my wife. With kids in tow, we were headed to the movies (Spiderman 2) when she asked if I'd rather play a couple of hours of poker instead. Cant say "no" to a gift can I :)

The Horizon is down the street from dinner at Harveys ($30 a plate seafood buffett). I was told that Harveys has poker tables, but the Horizon also has the movie theater, so there I went.

There were 4 tables, three of which were active, all playing 2-6 limit. On one side of my table were a grim bunch, and the other had some guys either staying in South Lake and commuting to Hot August Nights, or were waiting for a Holdem tournament on 1 aug.

All but one of our dealers were good, and controlled the game well. In particular one well lubricated guy tossed his winning hand for all to see, and it almost hit the burn pile. The dealer told him that if it had he would have forfeted his hand (and a pretty sizable pot). That settled everyone down. There was one dealer who was nervous and kept missing straights and flushes when calling the winning hand. I was on the loosing end of this once, hence my poor opinion of him.

The HAN guys, as a group, played really loose. The other tables appeared this way as well. (the quote between tables was "It's only six dollars!". The grim bunch were pretty much folding at every re-raise and not having a lot of fun. Fortunately, my cards were really hot, and I was raising and re-raising with them. Hot cards is an understatement. In three hours of playing, I had two flushes, three straights and six sets, I also had my very first straight flush.

The straight flush occured about an hour into my play. I held a 7 8 heart and the flop gave a 9 10 heart and an ace. The turn gave another ace, and the river gave a 6 heart. The betting was pretty good until the river, where, I was told later after everyone folded, my face 'flushed' at the river. Even so, it was ~$45 pot. The Horizon game manager said they'd send me a tee shirt.

At some point, I decided my run of cards was over, and started tightening up. After watching a couple of Q3o's and J7o's that would have taken the pot, I losened up again. We had mostly pre-flop community action going. In general, with all the raising and re-raising going on, the pots were fairly sizable, many over $100.

I walked away to collect the wife and kinder at around 12, feeling very good and around 300 richer. A little blackjack while waiting added to this total.
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What? Not even a comment about my straight flush?
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