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It all started out nice and fun, and I took a couple of nice pots off the bat when sitting down at the 9/18 table. Then when thought I was doing well, the table went short handed and about 4 people stood up at once and bounced out. So we (the remaining 4 of us) were then moved over to a 4/8 table. Most of the same people from the 9/18 moved to the 4/8, which was basically all villagers who had played home games and watched too much ESPN and FSN.

At that point, when I thought things were well, I figured I'd grab a few more pots and roll out of there with a couple of racks it went down hill. Straight down hill.
There were a few hands that I chased to the river that I shouldn't have that cost me more than expected. But I seemed to convince myself that I had EV going into them, so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

My run of cards (or so I thought) was done, and what I didn't realize was that this kid across from me got the rush of cards I came off of. So this has me on semi tilt, because I know this kid bought a few pots earlier that I likely had the winning hand to but folded. Folded pocket 10's to him, folded A/J to him with a small pair and a possible straight out there, folded K/Q, Folded A/Q, etc. When I think of it now, I don't know that he had or always had the winning hands, and I was getting a little frustrated at this point lying down nice hands to him for this reason. Every single time we went to show down, he rivered me every flippin' time playing junk and making a hand. J/4 to make a set of 4's on the river. So needless to say, I played Sheriff a few times and got my ass handed to me.

While on tilt, I figure, (here we go, logic speaking again) F*&% it, I'll just buy the friggin' pot. On 9/18, it was a lot easier to buy them, on 4/8, it took a lot more and was far more risky to try and do so, as people were staying in longer than expected. (Don't try this at home)

I go cash in for another rack, take a smoke break, down a couple of glasses of water, take a leak, compose my thoughts, and sit back down.
My mission at this point is TIGHT. Dirty debutant tight. Tighter than a popcorn fart, fleas ass, water tight.

Right, 'cause that worked.....

Ends up I get Aces cracked 3 times. (..tilt) Had to lay down Big Slick 2 or 3 times cause home skillet over there played his 4/9 off and made 2 pair. (....tilt) Every pocket pair busted. (.......tilt) Never drew to a straight or a flush that was more than a card out. Of the flush I did pull together (which I flopped) it was king high, only to be busted by someone who made his flush too (ace high) flopped it, and called all the way though. Played nothing but ultra premium hands and got boned like a 10 cent red headed step child on nickel night.

I played until about 4:30AM, had a raging headache, hadn't eaten for oh, I don't know, a day or two, was drinking profusuly at the earlier concert (good choice quads) and was just generally pissed about those 52 points, spots and paints called a deck.

Drug my sorry ass back to the car, called SJ to leave him my traditional and customary TILT Dial on his voice mail (which I'm sure he'll save off to MP3 and send to me so I can listen to over and over and over.) went back to the cabin and slept for a few hours only to wake up feeling like someone harpooned a dozen lawn darts in my head while I was sleeping.

Got home to find that the Caribbean Poker Classic and the World Poker Championship were on TV so I sat in bed and watched that through the haze. My last thought when Ivey and the D'angajsbfiuabfr (don't know how to spell his name) went heads up was "I could prolly take Ivey"

Right... I'd rather smack my nuts with a rubber hammer right about now.

I am sittin gat my desk laughing my ass of right now!! Not that you lost but just the way you described it....i want you to write my autobiography!!

thanks for the laugh!!

sorry about the outcome of your night though...............

You know what? Even if I wanted to TRY and make up a funny story, it would PALE in comparison to the humor in Quads reality.

You're my hero, Jdog...

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Knowing quads, he probably actually won and just made up that story to entertainment. Either that or he went on tilt solely for the purpose of OUR entertainment.

Way to take one for the team Quads!
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